Pub 6 2021 Issue 2

11 ISSUE 2, 2021 Steve Sadler (Papi) CEO and Casey Lundell (Grandson), Future CEO 237567 www. peservicegroup .com Offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 111 Kendall Street, New Haven, CT 06512 800-899-3597 Check out our new website! As you prepare to return to work, our team of trained professionals is available to clean and disinfect your common spaces. Let us help you create a plan of best practices to keep your employees, visitors, & residents healthy & safe year round. Family-run facility services company, cleaning New England buildings since 1990. of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City are going to thrive in the near future.” However, what might be the case for New York and San Francisco, isn’t the case for other regions, where rent, home sales and vacan- cies are relatively stable. Based on the Zillow 2020 Urban-Suburban Market Report, in most cases, sub- urban markets and urban markets have seen similar activity changes in recent months as in years prior. One thing to note is there has been a rise in month-to-month renewals across the country, as many resi- dents are likely taking a “wait and see” approach before committing to moving to somewhere for a full year. According to the National Apartment Association survey, 35% of apartment residents are transi- tioning to short-term or month- to-month leases. Also, many are considering that they may need or want to move before their current lease is over. Overall, we’ll have to wait to see how the next year pans out, but it’s unlikely there will be a mass exodus from large cities to the sub- urbs. Once the pandemic subsides, people will still want to live in or near popular metros. However, newly popular, uprising cities like Riverside, Columbus, and Durham may continue to draw the allure of affordability and space. For those with jobs that allow flexible remote work options, we may start to see people move away from making living decisions purely based on their job location. Regardless of where people have moved or are planning to move in the future, one thing for certain is that they will never again see their home as mere- ly just a place to sleep and eat.