Pub. 6 2021 Issue 3

5 ISSUE 3, 2021 Getting to Know My primary goal is to help CTAA achieve its goals. I look to partner with the volunteer leaders to identify, plan, and execute the actions that will achieve their goals and objectives. Continued on page 6 We understand you are the new executive director, replacing Jessica Olander. How did you become involved with CTAA? CTAA is a client association of TCORS Capitol Group, LLC, (TCG) a government relations and association management company with a dozen organization clients. Jessica managed CTAA and a couple of other organizations, and she took advantage of the opportunity to serve as the new executive director of a regional chamber of commerce. The timing of this opportunity to join the TCG team was perfect for me and allows me to bring my association management experience to CTAA. Tell us a little about yourself. Born in the Cleveland, Ohio area, my family moved several times while I was a kid in the Midwest and Southeast. My dad was in manufacturing management which resulted in a few location transfers and job changes. These changes provided the opportunity for me to learn how to adapt when we moved, and I attended seven different schools from first grade through high school graduation. Although moving as much as I did was sometimes challenging, I think that it probably helped mature me in some ways I might not have New Executive Director Chip Marsh