Pub. 6 2021 Issue 3

8 E ven in the worst days of the coronavirus pandemic, property managers kept leasing apartments. Along the way, they have learned lessons on how to use technologies like virtual tours, self-guided tours, and even simple video calls to lease apartments to customers they often never meet in person. 1. Embrace Touchless Leasing Long after the pandemic is over, property managers plan to keep using technologies that allow them to lease apartments from a distance. There will always be potential renters who can’t visit a property in person, either because of their schedule, their preference or their location. “More than 65% of our renters have historically come from out of our metro area,” says Nick Benjamin, managing director of multifamily development for The Cordish Cos., working in the firm’s offices in Kansas City, Missouri. “These technological tools will continue to support our ability to bring new residents to our markets.” 2. Work Extra Hard to Engage Customers Virtually Many leasing agents have missed the engagement of sitting with a potential renter. “We shine when we have someone in front of us,” says Chris Furman, vice president of asset management for CGI+, based in Property Managers Share Five Lessons of Pandemic Leasing Enhanced technology and increased communication are here for the long term. By Bendix Anderson