Pub 61 2020-2021 Issue 3

With all of today’s mergers and acquisitions there are two important questions YOU need to ask yourself.  Does your provider’s merger or acquisition by a larger Private Equity or Publicly traded company make YOUR business better? a. Have your costs gone down? b. Has your level of service increased? c. Are your results improving as a result of the merger? d. Do you now feel more like a Small Fish in a bigger pond?  What is the Mission Statement of the controlling entity long term? a. Are they building a company to LAST or a company to sell again? b. Are you going to have to go through provider ownership transitions every 4-6 years? c. Are they cutting long term employees and expenses from the acquired providers to drive up their EBITDA for resale valuation? First Innovations (part of the First Group Family of Companies) has spent over 22 years building a company to LAST, NOT RESALE, and our Vision and Mission statements have not changed. We are growing ONE VALUED CLIENT AT A TIME. OVER $100 BILLION IN ASSETS BACKING US! 1-800-395-8664 “INNOVATIVE AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS AT WORK” First Innovations, Inc. —The Full Dealership Income Development Company Better Products • Better Prices • Better Service For over 22 years, First Innovations has focused on growth through getting better , not growth through acquisitions. We understand that Bigger is Not Better, Better is Better. First Innovations is dedicated to providing personalized value driven support with Better Products, Better Price and Better Service. Every account is valued and not just a number on some large conglomerates balance sheet. YOU are important to us and there is no structure, product, or program that we don ’ t have. First Innovations remains unapologetic for its hands on personal holistic approach to dealership income and personnel development.