Pub 61 2020-2021 Issue 3

WE ARE YOUR BEST CHOICE… Top 8 reasons Bellavia Blatt should handle your submission for Retail Warranty Reimbursement 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 Higher Warranty Reimbursement. Better Bottom Line. THE PIONEERS IN WARRANTY REIMBURSEMENT For more information, please reach us at or visit REFERRED BY DEALERASSOCIATIONS NATIONWIDE NATIONAL EXPERTISE Leonard Bellavia and Steven Blatt have represented auto dealers across the nation for over 33 years and the rm is regarded as the pre-eminent authority for obtaining retail warranty parts and labor reimbursement in 45 states. EARNINGS Our average dealership client has realized $10,000 to $15,000 in additional pro ts per month. We will show you how to maximize your dealership’s blue sky value. REPUTATION Bellavia Blatt is recommended by state dealer associations, CPAs and attorneys nationwide. We are widely regarded as the industry leader when it comes to obtaining retail war- ranty reimbursement for parts and labor. HASSLE FREE! Our solution is turnkey. Our staff of analysts and attorneys do all of the work for you. As we submit on your letterhead, your manufacturer will not know that you have retained us, but we are there every step of the way. LEGAL STRATEGIES Our team of attorneys collaborate to identify optimum markup yields and legal strategies to ensure you receive the highest possible retail reimbursement. RESULTS Bellavia Blatt has successfully handled several thousand retail submissions on behalf of dealers over the past fteen years. And because of this unmatched experience, our re- sults yield the highest possible increases on warranty parts and labor. LAW FIRM ADVANTAGE We offer a low at fee and never charge a contingency. Our fees are much lower than ”consultants” who take a percentage of your increases. As a law rm, we are held to the highest standards and have more resources and options available for favorable outcomes. KNOWLEDGE We carefully analyze your data, retail repair orders and trends to ensure your warranty reimbursement on both parts and labor is maximized. We know everything there is to know about your state law, as well as your manufactur- er’s policy and procedure.