Pub. 3 2021 Issue 2

NDD21501_Superhero_SmallBiz_NHADA_3.625x4.625.indd 2 2/12/21 10:30 AM insurance/talk-insurance Another research study found that patients with periodon- tal disease and fewer teeth than those without periodontal disease may have an increased risk of suffering a stroke, a circulatory problem where there is a lack of blood supply in the brain. Regardless of whether researchers establish direct cause and effect relationships between oral health problems and other health issues, dentists place their emphasis on pro- tecting and promoting oral health for their patients’ overall well-being. “The good news is that the precautions dentists and oral health professionals recommend people take to protect their teeth, gums, and mouth aren’t harmful. So, there is no harm to stepping up your hygiene habits to improve oral health and maybe do your body some good, too,” says Dr. Anderson. Please contact Lori Preve, licensed insurance producer, with any questions about NHADA’s insurance of ferings. She can be reached at 603-224-2369 or . Evaluations for: BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT SELLING It's not just a multiple. Thinking about buying, selling or determining the value of your dealership? Nancy Phillips Associates can help you determine the best course of action and guide you to success. Nancy Phillips President Carrie Phillips Forbes VP of Dealership Sales 603-658-0004 MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DEALERSHIP IS WORTH. Determination of Market Value Targeted Acquisition Valuations Partnership Buy in/Buy out Valuation for Estate Planning N E W H A M P S H I R E 25