Pub. 4 2022 Issue 3

NewMembers Next Level Automotive 2 Integra Drive, Unit 10 Concord, NH 03301 Phone: 603-227-6845 Owners: Shawn & Eric Jutras Auto Images 33 Milton Road Rochester, NH 03868 Phone: 603-335-4719 Owner: James Stock Hawkes Motorsports LLC dba Hawkes Trailer Shop 129A Mast Street Goffstown, NH 03045 Phone: 603-660-9864 Owner: Austin Hawkes Chicoine & Sons Automotive 236B Mast Street Goffstown, NH 03045 Phone: 603-391-9958 Owner: Justin Chicoine McFarland Ford Sales Inc dba Stratham Motor Company LLC 50 Portsmouth Avenue Stratham, NH, 03885 Phone: 603-658-9026 Owner: Chris Lane McFarland Truck Equipment Inc 119 Calef Highway Lee, NH 03261 Phone: 978-979-3599 Owner: Chris Lane Thistle Mobile Service LLC dba TMS Diesel 58 B and B Lane Weare, NH 03281 Phone: 603-529-5503 Owner: Zac Thistle Dover Sports Inc. dba Philbrick’s 161 Portland Avenue Dover, NH 03820 Phone: 603-742-9333 Owner: George Philbrick NCA Auto Body Repair, LLC 9 Zapora Drive Hooksett, NH 03106 Phone: 603-782-9639 Owners: Travis Mailhiot & Natalie Briney Michael’s Auto Sales of Derry LLC 158 Rockingham Road Derry, NH 03038 Phone: 603-260-5515 Owner: Brian Pierni 211 Central LLC dba Bob’s Automotive & Wrecker Service 211 Central Avenue Dover, NH 03820 Phone: 603-742-9709 Owner: Devin Karkos serious eye injuries. These may include but aren’t limited to corneal abrasions, infections, globe ruptures, traumatic cataracts, retinal injuries, or even loss of an eye. With some of these eye injuries, surgery is needed and, in some cases, multiple surgeries. As you will likely guess; THESE ARE EXPENSIVE! The care will be specialized and often out of state and the injured worker will lose time from work. • What is the cost breakdown? Eye wash stations are always accessible in this industry on-site, if you do not have one, please contact your loss prevention representative. As with minor cuts and scrapes, though, we would much rather incur the cost of an urgent care visit or ophthalmology visit than face the bills from a Boston Hospital. Removal of a foreign body at an urgent care will run less than $300.00. The alternative, if it’s not a “no medical treatment” eye claim could reach medical costs exceeding $100,000.00 or more. This meant to be an informative article but soon turned scary. I apologize, but the moral of the story is, please give us a call no matter how minor the injury is. Sometimes spending money on a visit no one thinks is necessary actually saves you money in the long run. You can contact the NHADA-WCT team at 603-224-2369. Continued from page 25 D R I V E 26