Pub. 3 2021 Issue 1

Nº 12 VOL 3 Issue 1 2021 NHADA A PUBLICATION OF THE NEW HAMPSHIRE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION VIRTUAL COMEDY NIGHT: BIG RAFFLE & SILENT AUCTION SUCCESS! Drive: NH COVID-19 2021 2020 has exited the building, but unfortunately COVID-19 has not. It’s a new year and it’s always better to go forward with positive thoughts and plans for a better 2021. Read more on p. 12 1921-2021: NHADA IS 100 YEARS YOUNG First, one needs to reflect on how lucky we are even to be allowed to band together to form an association: a collective of businesses that can work together to better their business environment, solidify their investments and effect legal and legislative changes. Read more on p. 6