Pub. 2 2020 Issue 11

24 | HOMETOWN BANKER | HOMETOWNBANKER.ORG STEP THREE: REIMAGINE With Renew and Redesign completed, your branch looks modern, updated, and relevant. It is warm and engaging. You could spend hours ogling over the brand-new floors and updated merchandising, but something is missing. The walls while newly painted, look a little bare; the lobby while recently refreshed, is void of impactful marketing, branded messaging, and relevant technology. Branding and technology are the final pieces to the puzzle, pulling everything together and creat- ing an interactive experience that your consumers will crave. They are often times the most affordable enhancement as well. With branded elements, you can further drive home your messaging throughout the branch, thus leaving a lasting impression. With branded elements in the form of decals, branded walls, on-brand signage, and more, your beautiful new space can really transform into an experience representative of your brand. The addition of rele- vant technology within the space not only updates the look and feel of the branch, but also provides a convenience that is now expected from generations of all ages. This technology can further drive branded messaging, provide educational information, and deliver upsell and cross-sell opportunities. For example, digital signage drives a message reten- tion rate of 83%, double that of traditional market- ing methods. This means all those promotions that your marketing team is spending time and money on will not only have an increased chance of get- ting noticed, but also has a much greater chance of being remembered and ultimately acted upon. iPad integration also provides a means of familiarity to modern-day consumers, boosting engagement at the branch level and increasing education and retail transactions. Lastly, the addition of conference room technology allows you to finally connect to your consumers virtually, which has become imperative in the COVID-19 marketplace. At the end of the day, the Three R Model can leave you with a brand-new looking branch with leading edge features that send a message to your customers that you are willing to invest your resources to remain relevant and competitive. The cost savings obtained using this model to re- imagine your retail space levels the playing field a bit; allowing institutions with greater limitations the ability to transform their branches with similar outcomes as their much larger competitors in as little as three-to- four weeks. It is time to say goodbye to the coffee stain. Your con- sumers are craving it, your employees need it, but most of all, you and your branch deserve it. JAMES G. CALIENDO, PRESIDENT AND CEO, PW CAMPBELL JAMES G. CALIENDO IS A FORMER BANK EXECUTIVE AND NOW PRESIDENT AND CEO AT THE 110-YEAR-OLD DESIGN-BUILD AND RETAIL SERVICES FIRM. PWCAMPBELL.COM (412) 963-0100 PW CAMPBELL IS AN ASSOCIATE MEMBER OF PACB CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23