Pub. 2 2020 Issue 11

4 | HOMETOWN BANKER | HOMETOWNBANKER.ORG WE CAN HELP YOU THROUGH LAWYERS HELPING BANKERS SUCCEED FOR MORE THAN 55 YEARS 1-888-794-5542 PENNSYLVANIA . NEW JERSEY . MARYLAND . NEW YORK . DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BANK MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS . BANKING AND MORTGAGE REGULATION/COMPLIANCE . SECURITIES AND CAPITAL ENHANCEMENT . SECURITIES REGULATION . STRATEGIC PLANNING . CORPORATE GOVERNANCE BANK AUDIT COMMITTEES . RESPONSES TO GRANISHMENTS AND SUBPOENAS . LITIGATION ARBITRATION AND MEDITATION . RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENTS . HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS . EMPLOYMENT LAW AND EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION . TRADEMARK REGISTRATION AND PROTECTION . ERISA MATTERS . LOAN WORKOUTS . GENERAL BANKING MATTERS . Counsel to and Supporter of PACB since 1977 financial transactions, and meet their customers’ banking needs during this unprecedented shut down. As we look forward to 2021, let’s take advantage of our strengths. First, the pandemic forced us to rediscover the value of relationships. Community bankers know their customers better than anyone. Community bank customers certainly noticed in 2020. As did numerous other small-business owners who opened accounts for the first time with a community bank. Second, the pandemic forced consumers to embrace technology faster than many would have liked. Many community banks built new systems virtually overnight and worked hard to make sure customers were comfortable using the new technology. Many customers have adapted. Let’s not throw technology away when the crisis passes. This is an exciting opportunity for community banks to reach new customers and help to level the playing field. Third, we must expand our circle. Diversity, equality and inclusiveness are the top workforce issues of our time. One of the pillars of PACB’s strategic plan is to ensure the community banking industry can identify and attract top talent and prepare employees to lead these institutions into the future. The economic case for diversity in the workforce is powerful. PACB created a task force to examine what’s needed to achieve more diverse leadership within community banks and how the association can help ensure that its members are fostering equitable hiring and advancement opportunities. Our communities are changing every day and thousands of talented people are looking to be community bank customers, partners and employees. On behalf of the professional team at PACB, I want to extend to you and your family the warmest wishes for a healthy and safe holiday season, and the very best in the year ahead. Sincerely, Kevin L. Shivers, CAE President and CEO KEVIN SHIVERS IS PRESIDENT/CEO OF PENNSYLVANIA ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITY BANKERS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3