Pub. 3 2021 Issue 1

HOMETOWN BANKER | HOMETOWNBANKER.ORG | 7 DIANE M. SWEENEY IS A PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITER AND CONTENT STRATEGIST. AT HER DESK, OVERLOOKING BEAVER CREEK IN CHESTER COUNTY, PA, SHE WRITES ARTICLES AND WEB CONTENT TO INFORM, PERSUADE, AND ENTERTAIN. HER WORK CAN BE FOUND AT WWW.DIANEMSWEENEY.COM . their Take a Healthy Step program. Plans for this were in place before the pandemic, but the opportunity to earn a ‘wellness day’ (Eight hours of paid leave), became more relevant in 2020. “We had a number of employees who, despite the pandemic, reached the goals of medical visits, questionnaire response, and activity to get that day off,” shares Trudy Stear, SVP Human Resources. “It provided them with a focus and goal in a time of uncertainty.” PACB SUPPORT Merriam-Webster defines resiliency as an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change. According to the American Psychological Association, ten ways to build resilience are: • Making connections • Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable problems • Accept that change is a part of living • Move toward your goals • Take decisive actions • Look for opportunities for self-discovery • Nurture a positive view of yourself • Keep things in perspective • Maintain a hopeful outlook • Take care of yourself At PACB, — as representative and support for only community banks, — our mission is to preserve, promote and protect the community banking industry and the men and women who work in it. Our goal is to empower our members with the knowledge and skills needed to continue to be the stable force they are known to be in their communities. To that end, we have been fine-tuning our educational opportunities for you and your employees to move toward goals, find opportunities for self-discovery, and nurture a positive view. Highlights of opportunities for growth and learning presented by PACB include: The Knowledge Hour – A weekly series with new topics presented by PACB partners. Upcoming topics include: • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Employers Perspective • Securing Branch Profitability During Challenging Times Webinars for your organization on compliance, lending, regulations, security, operations, new accounts, collections, fraud, security & other topics. NextGen “U” – PACB’s unique online leadership and career development learning experience. The NextGen“U” program has been developed to provide the skills training required to enable the bank’s team to become poised and professional representatives. Scholarships Are Available for Seminars and Conferences - The PACB Foundation has established scholarships to help provide professional development and leadership skill advancement for community bankers who have demonstrated excellence and the propensity for promotion in their field. We are excited about these offerings. We encourage PACB members to take advantage of the unique training and professional development we offer to help every banker in their career and personal growth. PACB will continue to find ways to support you in protecting your teams and to help you build resiliency for personal and corporate well-being. Brentwood Bank adapts to COVID meeting practices through video conferencing. Shown from left are Brent Sirera, IT Specialist; Thomas Bailey, President and CEO of Brentwood Bank; Terri Capristo, VP Human Resources;. Ali Niazi, VP Regional Branch Manager, and Michelle McPeak, Training and Development Officer. On Screen are Sandy North, Cash Management Administrator and Thomas Young, SVP Retail Administration.