Pub. 2 2021 Issue 5

19 ISSUE 5 | 2021 Mike Gilmore is the Chief Compliance Officer of RESULTS Technology and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) with over 30 years of experience in the banking industry. RESULTS Technology provides I.T. services to community banks across the Midwest. As CCO, Mike provides compliance and risk assessments, audit and exam support and policy documentation. He can be reached at . expected to function much like the National Transportation Safety Board. • The Establishment of a National Cyber Playbook The use of playbooks is quite common with many cybersecurity vendors and their own clients. A playbook models the various threat vectors, the possible consequences of their impact and creates a set of rules and procedures to mitigate the risk of them impacting your business. But with this new executive order, one of the primary goals is to establish the framework for a national Cyber Playbook, which any public or private entity can modify, adopt, and use for its own security environment. • A Quicker Response to Detection/ Response and Investigation/Remediation In this regard, the emphasis is on endpoint security. For the longest time, both public and private enterprises were more concerned about protecting the lines of network communications and not paying much attention to the points of origin and destination of these flows. As a result, cyber attackers took complete advantage of this and looked at these endpoints to deploy their malicious payloads and move in a lateral fashion. There will now be much greater emphasis on this by the federal government requiring businesses to adopt and implement newer security technologies. The newly signed Executive Order requires federal agencies and departments to “up their game” in keeping up with technology, applying strong security standards and policy controls, and most of all, knowing what activity is happening on their networks. Fortunately, even small businesses can access enterprise-level tools to manage, report and react to cyber threats. Overall, the new broad executive order is a significant first step, but the key question remains how quickly these measures will be implemented. Brandon Wales, acting director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, put it best when he said, “it won’t be easy, smooth or cheap, but the cost of not doing so is simply too high.” There is no time to lose as threat variants are becoming more sophisticated and deadlier each and every day. Learn more about our cybersecurity services and how we help organizations implement best practices and cybersecurity frameworks. 