Pub. 2 2021 Issue 1 12 In Touch FMSI 913.955.3355 FMSI is a small business founded and located in Kansas, specializing in assisting community banks to succeed, a mission consistent with core CBA values. We have partnered with community banks for nearly 25-years providing core advisory services including asset/ liability, investment, and liquidity management. FMSI advisors actively assess market conditions and bank balance sheets of different size, mix, and capital levels. Market conditions are constantly changing presenting opportunities and challenges for CBA member banks. Interest rates are increasing for the first time in nearly a decade and now is a perfect time to partner with a trusted, industry leader. Establishing an FMSI relationship provides confidence your bank is optimizing the balance sheet, deploying necessary strategies, maximizing profitability, and managing balance sheet risks. FMSI is a Kansas CBA Endorsed Provider Diana Poquette UNICO Group, Inc. 402-499-1011 to the coronavirus, or be prepared to address the topic with prospective employees during screening and interviewing processes. Remain truthful and transparent, but include takeaways such as: ◦ How did your organization respond to the coronavirus? ◦ What tough choices has your organization made? Why? ◦ How has your organization continued to contribute to society? ◦ How is your organization engaging in safe work practices? Your organization likely has taken significant steps to be adaptable during this challenging time — so make sure that applicants are aware of your efforts. Other Considerations Although you may be focused on recruiting new talent, as the coronavirus threat shifts, it’s vital to keep in mind the health, safety, and well-being of employees when making business decisions. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a collective loss of normalcy. As you protect the employer brand from COVID-19 implications, current employees can be the main drivers of your reputation. Internal communications can help keep employees calm and reduce stress levels. Everyone’s been dealing with much uncertainty. There’s a need to communicate with employees openly, honestly and frequently. Along with prospective employees, external audiences may also include your customers and partners. Employers can continue to consider how their business practices and branding resonate with current employment markets. Recruiting techniques will vary for every employer. Remember that the workplace will continue to change, and employers should be prepared to adjust accordingly. Transparency now builds trust later. As laws and guidelines related to the coronavirus evolve, employers should consult with legal counsel when updating or changing policies. To learn more about leveraging your company brand to retain and attract talent, contact UNICO Group today.  Continued from page 11