Pub. 1 2020 Issue 3

14 Kentucky Trucker Kentucky Trucking Association GETTING TO KNOW INCOMING CHAIRMAN, DEWELL GOSSETT How did you become part of the trucking industry? Was this something that you always aspired to? I was raised in the trucking industry, since I was three years old. My dad was in the trucking business his whole career. He worked for a ready-mix company, and then before he retired, he owned a couple of trucks. In 2003, the company I was working for established Bulk First in Louisville. I was chosen to oversee the operation, which at the time had eight trucks and 12 pneumatic trailers. Shortly after, one of the partners passed way, and I was able to buy into the company, and in 2008, I bought the other two owners out. Today, we have 81 trucks, in five different states and we drive 5 million miles per year. Describe your education background. What did you study? I graduated high school, then I went to work for my dad. I worked my way up from maintenance through dispatch and logistics. I guess you can say that I went through the school of hard knocks. Are there any specific individuals that had a major impact on your career? Well, Lowell Gossett, my dad, first and foremost. He was a farm pick-up milk hauler. He often worked seven days a week. He was up early, worked hard and cared about keeping his customers happy. I learned the importance of hard work from him. He’s retired now, but he still checks on me and asks how business is.