Pub. 1 2020 Issue 3

20 Kentucky Trucker Kentucky Trucking Association advised his colleagues on producing great results. It went somewhat like this: “First, get your loss runs, that’ll tell you where your problems are and from there develop a program, and you’ll end up with great numbers next year.” Now, there is a tiny bit of faith to that statement, I suppose. I couldn’t help to wonder, “Wow, that advice is going to give you a bad outcome in the grand scheme of things.” It’s established that those losses are future predictors of behavior among some drivers. The key, though, is to derail the behavior before it becomes quantifiable in a loss-run. 5. Feeding problems and starving opportunities. And finally, one last business sin we’re all guilty of. That is, not really knowing when to just wash our hands of an issue and move on. We’re often faced with trying to bring 20% of bad play- ers in compliance while the remaining 80% keep us in business. When, in reality, it’s the 80% we should focus our attention to and thus weeding out the less desirable 20%. Many of the situations we face and the decisions we make are more complicated than need be. At least in my experience, the older I get and the more I observe, listen and watch, the more likely I am to make a better decision based on the fact that a new opportunity arises from it. Attacking the current prob- lem head-on, forming an opinion, and making a ruling is what new managers do. Listening to the issues, looking again, and then lastly, listening to facts is what trucking industry professionals do. I hope this quarter’s column has been of some value to each of you, and your feedback is greatly appreciated each quarter. These 5 Deadly Business Sins are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of things we “shouldn’t do.” There’s certainly no shortage of those that are quick to tell us the error of our ways or point out our mana- gerial faults. However, I believe a tipping point in our leadership and management isn’t so much in recogniz- ing mistakes; instead, it’s within our ability to under- stand how those mistakes were made. HTSI provides flatbed services for its customers by using professionally trained and experienced drivers with newer equipment and electronic technology. We stand by our commitment to design and structure customer needs for perfection from origin to destination with unlimited communication. HTSI Hill Transportation Services, Inc 1191 E Blue Lick Road Shepherdsville, KY 40165 Office: 502.957.4100 Fax: 502.957.4171 continued from page 19