Pub. 2 2022 Issue 2

MTADA dealer members interested in learning more about their data privacy and GLBA Safeguards Rule compliance tools can contact us at or (661) 214-9760. Visit us at ComplyAuto is a Turnkey Solution for Safeguards Rule Compliance From the written policies for the organization to the multi-factor authentication on al l of the dealership’s devices, ComplyAuto also has the tools to resolve the technical requirements of the Safeguards Rule. By also doing it al l ourselves in-house, ComplyAuto is now able to provide a more harmonious integration for the dealership so that it can view al l of its services for Safeguards Rule compliance from a single dashboard. No multiple log-ins. No subcontractors giving you the runaround. The buck starts – and stops – with ComplyAuto. The Montana Automobile Dealers Association has partnered with ComplyAuto to offer our suite of tools to MTADA dealer members at a significant discount of 50% off their monthly subscription for single rooftops and 30% off for auto groups of two to nine rooftops. In addition, MTADA dealer members will have access to the following training at no additional cost: 1. Adverse Action Notices 2. Cash Reporting & Anti-Money Laundering (Form 8300) 3. Credit Score Disclosure (Risk Based Pricing) 4. Identity Theft Prevention (Red Flags) 5. OFAC Sanctions Compliance 6. Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAAP) Oh yes, the Safeguards Rule. Dressed up as a set of consumer protection regulations (and for all intents and purposes, they are), the Safeguards Rule represents another arrow in the FTC’s quiver as it goes hunting for violating dealers. 35