Pub. 2 2022 Issue 2

GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES CHART Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials Gen Z Birth Years 1946-1964 1965-1980 1981-1997 1998 & after % in Workplace in 2020 22% 20% 50% 7% "Famous People" Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep Elon Musk, Jennifer Lopez Ashton Kutcher, Serena Williams # in USA - 2016 80 Million 61 Million 87 Million 60 Million Other Names “Me” Generation, Moral Authority Gen X, Xers, The Doer, Post Boomers, 13th Generation Generation Y, Gen Y, Generation Next, Echo Boomers, Chief Friendship Officers, 24/7’s, Trophy Generation Net Generation, Digital Natives, Screenagers, Digital immigrants Influencers -Civil Rights, Vietnam War (1965-1973), Sexual Revolution, Cold War/Russia, Space Travel, Neil Armstrong (1969), Decimal Currency (1966) -Highest divorce rate and 2nd marriages in history. -Suburbia, TV, Watergate Protests -Human Rights Movement -Drugs, Rock and Roll -Post War Babies who grew up to be radicals of the ’70s and yuppies of the ’80s. - “The American Dream” was promised to them as children and they pursue it. As a result they are seen as being greedy, materialistic and ambitious. -Challenger Explodes (1986), Haley’s Comet (1986), Stock market Crash (1987), Berlin Wall Torn Down (1989), Newcastle Earthquake (1989), Watergate, Energy Crisis, Dual Income families and single parents -First Generation of Latchkey Kids, Y2K, Energy Crisis, Activism, Corp. Downsizing, End of Cold War, Mom’s work -Increased divorce rate -Their perceptions are shaped by growing up having to take care of themselves early and watching their politicians lie and their parents get laid off. -Sesame Street, MTV, Gameboy, PC, Divorce Rate Tripled -Columbine Shooting (1999), New Millenium (2000), 9/11/01, Digital Media, child-focused world, school shootings, terrorist attacks, AIDS, 9/11, terrorist attacks. -Grew up in an era that saw a return to child-centered households. -Typically grew up as children of divorce -They hope to be the next great generation and to turn around all the “wrong” they see in the world today. -They grew up more sheltered than any other generation as parents strived to protect them from the evils of the world. -Came of age in a period of economic expansion. -Kept busy as kids -Iraq/Afghanistan War -Asian Tsunami (2004) -Wikileaks -Grew up in the shadow of 9/11 and 2 financial collapses -Have grown up in worst economic environment since the Great Depression -Born into social media and mobile -Parents are GenXers -Online video bloggers are real people that they can relate to -Raised amid institutional and economic instability -Globally connected via social media -Global warming Core Values -Anti war -Anti government -Anything is possible -Equal rights -Equal opportunities -Extremely loyal to their children -Involvement -Me Generation -Optimism -Personal Gratification -Personal Growth -Question Everything -Success -Spend now, worry later -Team Oriented -Transformational -Trust no one over 30 -Youth -Balance -Diversity -Entrepreneurial -Fun -Highly Educated -High job expectations -Independent -Informality -Lack of organizational loyalty -Pragmatism -Seek life balance -Self-reliance -Skeptical/Cynical -Suspicious of Boomer values -Think Globally -Techno literacy -Time -Achievement -Avid consumers -Been involved entire life -Change -Civic Duty -Common and natural for them to have 10-14 jobs in their lifetimes -Confidence -Diversity -Extreme fun -Extremely techno savvy -Extremely spiritual -Fun! -High morals -Highly tolerant -Hotly competitive -Individuality - Like personal attention -Members of global community -Most educated generation 44