Pub. 2 2022 Issue 2

Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials Gen Z Work Assets -Anxious to please -Challenges the status quo -Can creatively break down the big picture into assignments. -Good at seeing the big picture -Good team players -Mission oriented -Politically Savvy-gifted in political correctness -Service oriented -Will go the extra mile -Works hard -Adapt well to change -Consumer mentality -Direct communicators -Don’t mind direction but resent intrusive supervision. -Eager to Learn, Very -Determined -Good task managers -Good short-term problem skills -Highly educated -Multitaskers -Not intimidated by authority -Consumer mentality -Collaboration -Goal oriented -Highly educated -Multitask Fast -Optimistic -Positive attitude -Technical; savvy -Tenacious Work Liabilities -Expect everyone to be workaholics -Dislike conflict -Don’t like change -Challenge Authority of the Traditionalists -Judgmental if disagree -Not good with finances -Peer loyalty -“Process before results” -Self-centered -They are burning out with today’s workload -Not impressed with less ambitious GenXers -Built “portable” resume -Cynical; skeptical -Dislike Authority -Dislike rigid work requirements -Impatient -Lack people skills -No long-term outlook -Respect competence -Mistrust institutions -Rejects rules -Don’t understand the optimism of Boomers and Millennials -Do not want to follow Boomers into burnout -Think Millennials need too much hand holding -Distaste for menial work (they are brain smart) -Inexperienced -Need supervision -Need structure -Lack discipline -High expectations -Lack of skills for dealing with difficult people -Impatient -Lack of experience -Respond poorly to those who act in an authoritarian manner or who expect to be respected due to higher rank alone. -Feels that basics like punctuality and dress code are less important Keys to Working With -Want to hear that their ideas matter. -They were valued youth, teens and young adults and expect to be valued in the workplace. -Their careers define them, their work is important to them. -Silly routines are frustrating. -They expect their work, and themselves to matter. -Before they do anything, they need to know why it matters, how it fits into the big picture and what impacts it will have on whom. -Do well in teams -Are motivated by their responsibilities to others -Respond well to attention and recognition. -Don’t take criticism well -Less likely to offer necessary recognition. -Need flexibility, attention and freedom -Offer them flexibility, authority, respect -Challenge them to keep growing in their own way -Want independence in the workplace and informality -Give them time to pursue other interests -Allow them to have fun at work -Give them the latest technology -Manage them with a coaching style -Want FAST feedback -Want credit for results -Push them to keep learning Like a team-oriented workplace -Want to work with bright, creative people -Take time to learn about their personal goals -They expect to be treated respectfully. Raised to feel valued and very positive about themselves; they see as a sign of disrespect any requirement to do things just because this is the way it has always been done or to pay one’s dues. -Want to work with friends -Provide engaging experiences that develop transferable skills -Provide rationale for the work you’ve asked them to do and the value it adds. -Provide variety -Grow teams and networks with great care; develop the tools and processes to support faster response and more innovative solutions. -Provide a work environment that rewards extra effort and excellence -Pay close attention to helping them navigate work and family issues. -This highly mobile generation may see the 9-5 standard disappear as work is defined by mobile work and supported by mobile corporate learning and development. Leadership Style Consensus/Consensual Collegial Competence Everyone is the same Challenge others Asks why Achievers TBD (this group has not spent much time in the workplace so this characteristic is yet to be determined) View of Authority Impressed Unimpressed Relaxed My heroes are…. Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King What’s a hero? Boss My grandparents Boss-if things are right Themselves Interactive Style Team Player Loves to have meetings Entrepreneur Participative 47