Pub. 2 2022 Issue 2

Baxter strives to retain top talent. He needed a system that employees could easily learn, to drive the high customer satisfaction that helps his dealership differentiate itself from online vendors. Baxter also wanted a DMS that was accessible offsite and on mobile devices, so he could run the business from anywhere. Thanks to the flexibility and ease of use of VUE DMS, his employees have become more productive. Between the improved workflows and mobile capabilities, the dealership has sped up the process between sales and F&I, dramatically decreasing delivery time and boosting customer satisfaction. EASE OF USE. CONSIDER VUE DMS. RECONSIDER What took me 3 minutes on VUE DMS used to take 45 minutes. Customers will remember that forever. That’s important for customer retention and satisfaction. Baxter Howell General Manager, Brad Howell Ford CONSIDER VUE DMS 866.341.2433 | VUEDMS .COM/MONTANA