Pub. 3 2021 Issue 3

For over 60 years we have been working with our nation ’ s food companies, restaurants, farmers and ranchers to feed people better. We have been working with contractors and companies to build better and more affordable homes and new business facilities. We have been working with technology companies to develop new ideas that improve lives. We have been working with inventors, startup companies and health care providers to develop patented medical devices, leadership teams and joint ventures that save lives. We have been working with energy companies to help fuel our homes and the businesses we all rely on. We have been working with bankers, key partners, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and transportation companies to finance, produce and deliver better products and services to communities around the world. We have been working with family business pioneers and their other trusted advisors to transform, grow, carry on and transition the family business dream, the backbone of our great country. We have been working with our community leaders to improve our cities and our schools. We have been working with our elected leaders to improve the business climate to create and attract new and better jobs for families. For over 60 years, this has been the McGrath North Law Firm. Working quietly behind the scenes closely with the talented leaders of great organizations around the world to make lives better. Working together. Working stronger. Working faster. Working better. Overcoming Roadblocks. Avoiding Train Wrecks. Inspired by excellence. Committed to your success. Our diverse team isn ’ t waiting for the future. We are helping to produce new, incredible, sustainable results right now. We invite you to join us as we move quickly ahead towards the next 60 years. Inspired By Excellence. Committed To Your Success.