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CONTENTSISSUE 2. 2022 © 2022 Utah Asphalt Pavement Association (UAPA) | The newsLINK Group, LLC. All rights reserved. On the Road is published four times each year by The newsLINK Group, LLC for UAPA and is the official publication for the association. The information contained in this publication is intended to provide general information for reviewand consideration. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such. If you need legal advice or assistance, it is strongly recommended that you contact an attorney as to your specific circumstances. The statements and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the association, its board of directors, or the publisher. Likewise, the appearance of advertisements within this publication does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any product or service advertised. On the Road is a collective work, and as such, some articles are submitted by authors who are independent of UAPA. While UAPA encourages a first-print policy, in cases where this is not possible, every effort has been made to comply with any known reprint guidelines or restrictions. Content may not be reproduced or reprinted without prior written permission. For further information, please contact the publisher at 855-747-4003. OUR OFFICES 10808 SOUTH RIVER FRONT PARKWAY, SUITE 368 SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095 2022 BOARD MEMBERS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PRESIDENT Doug Watson CMT Engineering Laboratories PAST PRESIDENT Jeff Collard Hales Sand & Gravel PRESIDENT-ELECT Bup Minardi Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions SECRETARY Cody Rhoades Wheeler Machinery Co. TREASURER Casey Hawkins Geneva Rock Products BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jason Klaumann Granite Construction, Inc. Ryan Dalling Geneva Rock Products Tim Nevenner Kilgore Companies Chris Gonzalez HF Sinclair Jim Hulse Mountain States Asphalt Dale Hansen Asphalt Materials, Inc. Jared Wright Peak Asphalt Bup Minardi Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions Mike Kurz Staker Parson Materials & Construction Dean Garrett Morgan Pavement Sam Beuke Suncor Energy (USA) Inc. 2 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MESSAGE 3 SPENCER J. COX GOVERNOR DECLARATION 4 GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS CONGRATULATE UAPA ON ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY 6 MAKING HISTORY: THE 2022 UAPA ANNUAL INDUSTRY DINNER 10 UAPA YEAR IN REVIEW 16 WHAT UAPA IS DOING FOR ITS MEMBERS AND THE STATE OF UTAH 20 MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD 22 WOMEN OF ASPHALT SPRING NETWORKING LUNCH 26 THE ASPHALTIST 30 BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE LAW DELIVERS FOR UTAH’S ASPHALT PAVEMENT INDUSTRY 33 SPOTLIGHT: GOODFELLOW CORPORATION 35 SPOTLIGHT: VIVAKOR 1

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MESSAGE Reed Ryan Executive Director The Utah Asphalt Pavement Association Together, we have made history in the state of Utah and it is beautiful and amazing to me. History will judge. So goes the saying often repeated in movies, books, politics, and life in general. I know you have heard it said at least once before. Often true, we are indeed judged by our history because it is what we do, not what we say that defines us most. That is what you will find in this issue of On the Road — you will find UAPA’s history over the past 10 years since its inception — you will find what it is we have done. Not so much in a detailed report, but more so in the details of the faces of the people you will see captured in the images found in this issue’s pages. You will find smiles, you will find peers, and you will find friends. Taken together, you will find the people who voluntarily come together time and time again whether in a committee meeting, a networking event, a quarterly meeting, a task group, a Lunch and Learn, a certification training, a conference, or our Annual Dinner to make our shared history in this industry better. Too often we take for granted all the things UAPA does because we are now 10 years into this grand experiment. What was once the norm is now no more. What was never happening just 10 short years ago now happens on a regular basis. Together, we have made history in the state of Utah and it is beautiful and amazing to me. I hope to never take our history for granted. It has given me a professional career, driven my purpose, and allowed me to meet some extraordinary people who will forever be my colleagues and friends. History will indeed judge, but when it does, I hope it will recognize just how far we have come as an industry and as an association. It has not been perfect. In fact, it has been a bit messy at times. But it is ours. UAPA is yours, it is mine, and it is all of our history coupled together. I could not ask for more than that. I will, however, do more moving forward to continue to make the next 10 years and beyond even better. You will too because you are reading this and you are a part of it. That is the best part of it all – there are still a lot of pages left to write. More meetings, more events, more training, more changes, all in the name of giving our very best for this wonderful state and its citizens. It is a journey I am glad to take with you. I am confident that the results speak for themselves. Not so much in the money invested and time given, but in the difference it is making in all of our lives and in the lives of a lot of people that still do not know UAPA even exists. In fact, I kind of prefer it that way. I suppose it is the introvert in me. I’m working on getting better at it because we all need some goals for the next 10 years! Regardless, roads in Utah are getting better all of the time because of us. That’s a history I am proud to stand behind and alongside with you. History. Made. — Reed HISTORY. MADE. 2


TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPONSOR Staker Parson Materials & Construction ANNUAL INDUSTRY DINNER SPONSOR Geneva Rock Products COCKTAIL RECEPTION SPONSORS CMT Technical Services ICM Solutions SUPPORTING SPONSORS Maxwell Products, Inc. Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions Pirtek Pacific GeoSource Surface Tech, LLC Ingevity, Inc. Visit the QR code to watch the video Visit the QR code to watch the video Visit the QR code to watch the video CONGRESSMAN BLAKE MOORE CONGRATULATES UAPA ON ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY SENATOR STUART ADAMS CONGRATULATES UAPA ON ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY LT. GOVERNOR DEIDRE HENDERSON CONGRATULATES UAPA ON ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS 4


MAKING HISTORY: THE 2022 UAPA ANNUAL INDUSTRY DINNER The UAPA Annual Industry Dinner was held on May 10 at the Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City. The Natural History Museum of Utah sits at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains and overlooks the Salt Lake Valley. Attendees were able to enjoy the cocktail reception while chatting with other guests and admiring the museum. During dinner, attendees were able to receive the Association’s Annual Report from Executive Director Reed Ryan which highlighted UAPA’s many successes from 2021-2022. We’d like to thank everyone who attended The Annual Industry Dinner; it was a huge success and enjoyed by all. We hope to see you at our next event! 3 6


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UAPA is the only trade association that exclusively represents the interests of the asphalt pavement material producer and paving contractor on local and state levels with government agencies and other trade and business organizations. Within the membership roster, you’ll find the crossroad where agencies, owners, engineers, contractors, and producers all have a voice and the opportunity to move our shared industry forward. More than just doing what is best for business or the private sector, UAPA continually asks, “How can we do what is right by the owner?” This approach has been key to the association’s success and growth over the past ten years since its inception. From April 2021 to April 2022, the association continued growth in membership across the entire state while realigning itself to better meet the needs of localized regions. Here are just a few highlights from the calendar year of the association: • Working closely with both the Utah Chapter of the APWA and selected members of the Utah City Engineers Association, UAPA’s Technical Committee worked tirelessly to improve and propose significant changes to the APWA asphalt production and construction specifications for Utah. These changes, coupled with momentum for regional adoption by various entities, will help bridge the gap and improve quality as we work towards Balanced Mix Design in the state. • A first-of-its-kind for UAPA, the association officially kicked off its certification program through the launch of the UAPA Asphalt Inspection Certification. Each of the three sessions for the certification were completely sold out. • Building off of the changes to the MOI-960 mix design verification changes, UAPA worked closely with UDOT to improve the agency’s smoothness specification – adding to the incentives for contractors while not increasing any disincentives. • Additional partnership opportunities with UDOT included improvements to the micro surface specification, the creation of an APT specification, and a task group formation to develop parameters for the IDEAL-CT cracking test specification. • Ten years in, the association continued to grow by creating its first-ever Legislative Task Group and a Workforce Development Task Group. Both task groups met regularly throughout the year, and particularly during the legislative session on behalf of members to ensure the interests of our industry were met and protected through legislative actions. WHAT UAPA IS DOING FOR ITS MEMBERS AND THE STATE OF UTAH 16

Outsourcing HR management and focus resources towards more important aspects of business. Email today, to schedule a free consultation! 17

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WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU Join one of UAPA's industry leading committees to share your expertise and make a difference. Members who participate on a committee make the industry stronger and directly influence Utah's future. THE UTAH ASPHALT PAVEMENT ASSOCIATION WELCOMES ALL ORGANIZATIONS, WITHIN THE ASPHALT INDUSTRY, FROM DESIGN TO PRESERVATION, MAINTENANCE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. UAPA IS THE ONLY STATEWIDE FULL SERVICE ASSOCIATION FOR THOSE INVOLVED IN THE ASPHALT INDUSTRY. UAPA IS THE NUMBER ONE RESOURCE THAT FACILITATES CERTIFICATION AND TRAINING, PROVIDES SOLUTIONS, PROTECTS YOUR INTERESTS, AND SERVES AS YOUR PARTNER. • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE • PRESERVATION COMMITTEE • LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORY COUNCIL • SOUTHERN UTAH REGIONAL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL • WOMEN OF ASPHALT • TECHNICAL COMMITTEE • OPERATIONS COMMITTEE • UAC PLANNING COMMITTEE • NORTHERN UTAH REGIONAL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL • CENTRAL-EASTERN UTAH REGIONAL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL • UAPA LEGISLATIVE TASK GROUP • UAPA WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT TASK GROUP MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD One of biggest advantages of UAPA membership is the opportunity for networking and business development among members. However, to benefit from this, you must participate and be an active member within UAPA. Paying your annual dues isn't enough to reap the benefits of UAPA membership. You must also make an investment of time and effort in the association activities and be involved. What you get out of association membership is directly related to what you put in. 20

Call us today. (800) 488-2436 | Salt Lake City, UT We’ve been providing the asphalt pavement industry here in Utah with asphalt-release products that are safe and the highest of quality since 1991. CHECK US OUT HERE 801.562.2521 DISTRESS IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYZATION MATERIALS TESTING PAVEMENT DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT MATERIALS TESTING QUALITY CONTROL FORMERLY civil engineering geotechnical environmental OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE: survey special inspections specialty labs 21

The Women of Asphalt Spring Networking Lunch was held on Tuesday, May 3 at Ember SLC. The Keynote speaker was Amy Miller, Women of Asphalt National President. Amy talked about her experience of working in a male-dominated field. Everyone appreciated her insights. A big thanks to our sponsors, Staker Parson Materials & Construction and RoadSafe Traffic Systems. This event also celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Women of Asphalt Utah Branch. We held our first meeting one year ago and want to thank all those who have helped make or branch such a huge success. We are looking forward to another great year of firsts and many more to come. 3 WOMEN OF ASPHALT SPRING NETWORKING LUNCH Amy Miller and the Women of Asphalt Utah branch leadership. 22


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THE ASPHALTIST UAPA recently spoke withMichael Scardina—Regional Sales Director at Surface Tech, LLC—about The Asphaltist. We hadn’t heard the termbefore and were curious. What is the Asphaltist? The Asphaltist is a new online forum where fellow “Asphaltists” can post news and project profiles, share information on products and solutions, ask questions, and search articles and information sources. The site features information from a variety of sources. You’ll find news, blogs, reports, and studies organized into four categories — Environmental, Funding, Infrastructure and Products & Innovation. Four buttons at the top of the site invite you to Ask, Share, Search and Chat. What does it offer UAPA members? The Asphaltist offers credible industry information and networking resources for anyone in the asphalt industry. When did it start? The beta site launched in January 2022, and it was announced at the Transportation Research Board show. Who is involved in it? The Asphaltist social platform is the brainchild of Nick Slinde and Steve Santa Cruz, both executives at Surface Tech, an asphalt additives producer based in San Diego, California. What needs does it address? The Asphaltist serves as a forum where followers can share white papers in a timely manner. They can post their latest research findings and help the industry move forward faster. It solves the problem of “Where do I go to get the solutions I need to make my pavements last longer, need less maintenance, save me money and more.” How big is it? It is still in the beta phase and is primarily growing by word-of-mouth within the asphalt industry. We’re inviting all Asphaltists to go to the site, try it out and give us their feedback. What do you hope it will become? The creators have already begun working on a mobile app, projected to debut later this year. The Asphaltist is set to become the primary information source for all things asphalt. We’re all in this industry together, but sources of information and ways to communicate with each other are still largely fragmented. For the first time, we have an opportunity to consolidate information, usable data, and new ideas with the ability to have conversations and get everything asphalt into one easy-to-access source. The goal is to build a platform that becomes the preferred resource for engaging with others in the asphalt industry. 3 26

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30 By Jay Hansen, Executive Vice President for Advocacy, National Asphalt Pavement Association BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE LAW DELIVERS FOR UTAH’S ASPHALT PAVEMENT INDUSTRY 30

The publicly funded highway market makes up about 60% of the market share in Utah. (The rest of the industry’s markets are the airfield, residential and commercial markets.) Federal-aid highway funding makes up almost half of Utah’s annual state DOT capital outlays for highways and bridge projects. As a result, Congress does not enact any bills more important to the asphalt pavement industry than multiyear surface transportation reauthorization bills. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) bill, signed into law Nov. 15, 2021, by President Joe Biden, authorizes exactly that. IIJA will deliver badly needed funding to repair and rebuild Utah’s roads and bridges over the next five years. It will also unleash a demand for asphalt pavement not seen since the start of the Federal-aid Highway System in the 1950s. Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) negotiated the bill with his colleagues and was the sole member of the Utah congressional delegation to support the legislation. After President Biden signed the bill into law, Senator Romney wrote a press release that said IIJA “will help Utah expand and build roads, mitigate drought conditions, fulfill critical water needs, and prepare for and respond to wildfires without raising taxes or increasing inflation.” As the senator’s press release indicated, IIJA is more than a surface transportation reauthorization bill. It is also an infrastructure bill dealing with roads, bridges, airports, water, and broadband. Nevertheless, the legislation will provide the largest federal highway formula funds investment for Utah. They will total $2.6 billion over five years. That is about 33% more than the state’s federal-aid highway formula funds under the previous law, the FAST Act. The National Asphalt Pavement Association led the industry’s advocacy campaign, and a white paper called Build Back Better with Asphalt provided talking points during meetings with members of Congress and congressional staff. Together, NAPA’s government affairs team, state asphalt pavement associations, and industry members educated decisionmakers, who learned asphalt pavement is a sustainable, economical and high-performing material critical to the economy and U.S. jobs. In fact, NAPA’s lobbying efforts were detailed in a feature story in The New York Times, summing up NAPA’s lobbying for infrastructure dollars as the most successful of any interest group. From an asphalt industry perspective, IIJA is important for what it does and doesn’t include. First, the legislation provides five years of both funding and policy certainty. On the funding side, UDOT will be able to plan and budget for highway projects over five years. They know what their funding allocation will be from the federal government on an annual basis. On the policy side, there is no question that reducing carbon emissions from construction materials, including asphalt pavements, will be important for the asphalt pavement industry to realize all the opportunities afforded by the legislation. IIJA also includes $6 million annually to deploy innovative pavement technologies that are ready to go in the marketplace but are not fully implemented yet. There is also another program where UDOT would be able to get a 100% payable share for a highway project if they set up a contingency fund to address work zone safety issues not identified at bid time. Pavement-type selection or pavement design mandates, such as requirements for life-cycle cost analysis, alternate bids, and plastic in asphalt, are not included in the legislation. Also, NAPA successfully secured an exemption for liquid asphalt, polymers, and additives from IIJA’s Buy America requirements. Without IIJA also includes $6 million annually to deploy innovative pavement technologies that are ready to go in the marketplace but are not fully implemented yet. There is also another program where UDOT would be able to get a 100% payable share for a highway project if they set up a contingency fund to address work zone safety issues not identified at bid time. Continued on page 32 31

the exemption, 12% of the nation’s supplied liquid asphalt, mostly coming from Canada, would have been barred from the marketplace, severely impacting the asphalt supply chain in the U.S. With the passage of IIJA and the companion bill, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, we now have a clear picture of Utah’s pavingmarket for this year. In 2021, the previous surface transportation bill, the FAST Act, provided Utah with $380 million for its highway and bridge program. For 2022, IIJA will provide Utah with $460 million, another $45 million for a new bridge formula program, and $5.4 million to build a network of EV charging stations. The Consolidated Appropriations Act includes $10 million for three highway earmarks and another $1.2 billion in bridge formula grants yet to be distributed to the states. In addition, Utah’s state and local governments can apply for new competitive grant programs to fund road and bridge projects throughout the state. Currently, there are over $6 billion in grants available to apply for, and the U.S. Department of Transportation will be looking to fund projects that use low-embodied carbon constructionmaterials, recycling or both. The increase in funding toward Utah’s paving and bridge market will increase from $380.1 million last year to a whopping $520.4 million this year, a 36% increase! And this does not include the possibility of grant awards later this year. The key to realizing the benefits of this increase will be the readiness of UDOT and local governments to budget for the required match, plan and design highway projects, and get them ready for bid. In December, partnering with the federal government got off to a rough start when Secretary Pete Buttigieg issued a policy memorandum discouraging states from applying federal-aid highway dollars for new capacity highway projects. Sen. Romney has asked Secretary Buttigieg to rescind the memorandum as it did not adhere to congressional intent or the law. Continued from page 31 However, the trend is for states like Utah to spend more and more of their federal highway dollars to repair existing roads and bridges. According to Federal Highway Administration data, in 1993, the percentage of spending by all levels of government on roadway projects was split 50-50 between added capacity and repair projects. Thirty years later, 81% of spending is on reconstruction, restoration, rehabilitation, and repaving markets. The trend toward fixing what we have will only intensify and grow, which will spur asphalt demand even further. IIJA, combined with the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, will provide a significant shot in the arm for the asphalt pavement industry in Utah. Implementation will take a little longer and require a partnership between the federal government, state and local government, and the industry. IIJA will support many years of demand for asphalt in the pavement market at the end of the day. Combined with a strong residential market in Utah, the asphalt pavement industry needs to prepare now for the increase in demand for asphalt pavement mix that will probably arise from these two pieces of legislation. 3 Jay Hansen leads NAPA’s government affairs team on federal legislation and issues important to the asphalt pavement industry. His primary focus is educating members of Congress and their staff on asphalt’s role in America’s economy and keeping the industry informed on issues pending in Washington, D.C. Implementation will take a little longer and require a partnership between the federal government, state and local government, and the industry. IIJA will support many years of demand for asphalt in the pavement market at the end of the day. Combined with a strong residential market in Utah, the asphalt pavement industry needs to prepare now for the increase in demand for asphalt pavement mix that will probably arise from these two pieces of legislation. 32

UAPA is happy to spotlight the Goodfellow Corporation, a company set apart in the paving industry due to its values, employees and exceptional products. In 1960, Lynn Goodfellow founded Goodfellow Corporation in Southern California. The company serves the aggregate and paving industries and expanded over time. By the early 1970s, the company started specializing in the aggregate and paving market in Kanab. Goodfellow expanded to Boulder City, Nevada, in 1980 and Lindon, Utah, in 1998. Currently, the company does business in California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Goodfellow Corporation designs, fabricates, sells, and rents equipment. It also supports that equipment through parts and service. The company’s leaders have always had different ideas about goals. Many people focus solely on maximizing profit, but their measure of success depends more on having a good relationship with employees and customers. When Kurt Goodfellow, the current owner, was in his early 20s, a successful business owner told him, “if you run your company the right way, you’ll have a $20 million business.” At the time, the possibility of that kind of success was far from Kurt’s mind. Still, he thought the company’s bottom line should be focusing on providing personalized help to customers, and if the company did that, making a profit would follow naturally. That mindset was in line with what the company’s other leaders thought. They decided to continue building a solid, honest, reputable company where the emphasis would be on treating customers right, and they believed growth would follow. SPOTLIGHT: GOODFELLOW CORPORATION Their decision paid off. Goodfellow has far exceeded that original $20 million goal because they had the right focus for what they wanted. Kurt said, “I hope we continue to improve and get better at what we do. That philosophy hasn’t steered us wrong yet.” “We have years of knowledge and experience in the industry,” said Trevor Brindley, the general manager in Utah. “We have people who know what it takes to take care of our customers and see their needs through. We offer exceptional products and know what the industry demands.” A recent example of Goodfellow’s customer support occurred in Tooele, Utah. The paving equipment being used by a customer broke down on a time-sensitive project. Matt Manookin, the Utah service manager, said, “Goodfellow was able to source the needed parts and get the equipment up and producing in under 24 hours. Breakdowns are always at the Continued on page 34 “We have people who know what it takes to take care of our customers and see their needs through. We offer exceptional products and know what the industry demands.” 33

most inopportune times, often at night or on weekends, but Goodfellow has committed service technicians with expansive industry knowledge. Their skills and dedication ensure that Goodfellow can solve the most technical issues and meet evertightening needs and expectations of customers in the state, federal, and private sectors.” Goodfellow’s leaders are always working to improve the company, but the most recent changes have involved increasing inventory to meet customers’ needs. Jake Hansen, a Goodfellow sales staff member, said, “The most important industry shift I’ve seen recently has been the unprecedented demand with supply chain shortages.” The company now has more equipment and more parts available to meet increased demand. “We have been proactive in sourcing and ordering new equipment,” said Trevor. “At the rate we are growing, Goodfellow is on track to increase annual sales by 20%.” Alicia Bodily, a market and content specialist at Goodfellow, added, “Like everyone else, we are still trying to figure out global supply chain issues.” Goodfellow has taken a hands-onapproach to shortages and has worked directly one-on-one with the dealer. A major component that sets Goodfellow apart is the company’s ability to customize projects specifically to customers and their needs. “There’s rarely a project that is easily duplicated,” said Alicia. “The customer’s needs are so intricate and different that our engineering, fabricating, and design teams need to be well educated and experienced enough to pull these plans together. Goodfellow engineers its own chassis, stands, parts and other components to meet those needs. It’s also extremely helpful to have a strong relationship with our factory dealers. Bill Royce is our dealer representative with Astec Industries. Because he knows how important our customer relationships are, he’s always eager to expedite Goodfellow’s needs and keep us as a priority with equipment inventory. And we pull the rest together.” When Alicia commented on the relationship between UAPA and the company, she said, “UAPA reaches all our customer base within the industry. Being part of UAPA helps us know what the demands are in other companies so we can address them. More importantly, UAPA events like the golf tournaments and conferences give us a platform where we can have a social experience with our customers. We can get to know each other personally in a laid-back situation instead of being limited to meeting in an office setting.” While preparing for this article, Alicia mentioned a recent conversation she had with Bryan Ady, a paving sales staff member. He emphasized that everyone who drives on roads is a paving industry customer and that Goodfellow wants to provide the best products possible to facilitate building roads. “We are customer-centric,” said Alicia. “That’s what sets us apart, and that’s what I want UAPA’s members to know about us.” 3 Continued from page 33 34

UAPA recently interviewed Matt Nicosia, Vivakor’s chair and CEO. Vivakor was founded in March 2008; Matt has been the CEO since 2011. The company’s name reflects its emphasis on being environmentally responsible. As Matt said, “The life of the earth is at the core of our technologies.” Two parts of Vivakor’s work are of interest to the asphalt industry. First, Vivakor is working toward a circular carbon economy by using hydrocarbon extraction and remediation. Second, Vivakor is developing smart road sensors that will be a big part of its future. UAPA membership has been valuable to Vivakor. “We have received support and encouragement from UAPA’s leadership and members,” said Matt. “Utah has a close-knit asphalt market with strong producers. UAPA has given us information about testing groups and different resources that have proven valuable in getting our products up to performance grade and how best to commercialize them.” HYDROCARBON REMEDIATION Performance grade asphalt binder is becoming more difficult to source as the number of refineries has steadily decreased over the last few decades. Their focused production has been on delivering fuel. Through Vivakor’s hydrocarbon remediation work, it was determined that their process could also successfully separate oil sand material to create a performance grade asphalt cement and therefore help meet the Our objectives are to produce asphalt cement out of every oil sands or remediation program in which we are involved, creating a pioneering, Utah-based asphalt product. burgeoning roadway paving demands. The company has a proprietary method that uses a closed-loop, environmentally friendly process that uses no water to successfully separate hydrocarbons from the soil. Matt said, “We want to continue supplying a performancegrade product out of the Uintah Basin. Our objectives are to produce asphalt cement out of every oil sands or remediation program in which we are involved, creating a pioneering, Utahbased asphalt product. We still produce fuel products, but producing asphalt maximizes value in our projects and is better for the planet. Also, using hydrocarbons for roads instead of fuel will be a natural transition as cars go electric.” AN ENERGY HARVESTING SYSTEM FOR SMART ROADS Vivakor is working with TBT Group to design an energy harvesting sensor system for smart roads using advanced piezoelectric, piezoceramic, and dielectric materials. “We see two races: one is the race toward EVs, and the other is toward a smart infrastructure,” said Matt. “We aren’t going Continued on page 36 SPOTLIGHT: VIVAKOR 35

to realize the promise of self-driving anything until we also have smart roads that have enough power to share critical information such as the distance to the curb, pressure, temperature and traffic volume. No matter how smart a car is, it’s stupid until you pair it with smart infrastructure. You only get increased safety if you have a smart vehicle and the infrastructure to support it. But the question has been how to connect and power road sensors.” Using piezoelectric technology means the system doesn’t have to be hooked up to the power grid. The energy harvesting sensor system uses embedded road sensors that communicate with thin ceramic films about the size of a fingernail that can be added to paint and embedded in asphalt when the asphalt is laid down. If a car drives over the embedded ceramic films, the ceramic vibrates, and electrons bouncing in the ceramic create power for the sensors. Sensors can then measure temperature, pressure, location and more. The generated power from the ceramic films also allows the sensors to communicate with the car, Bluetooth or something else. The sensors and ceramic films are destroyed when the road has to be redone, but the cost to make them will decrease over the long term. For a surface that can last 5-10 years, adding the sensors will add enough value to the infrastructure that it will be worth doing despite the additional cost. The next step is building demonstration roads that use the new technology. In addition to the TBT Group, Vivakor’s scientific Continued from page 35 and engineering team is working with Rowan University to determine the best way to make self-powered sensors work for smart roads. Matt thinks Vivakor has brought the right team together, but he added, “We don’t let them say something can’t be done.” Under the current schedule, the demonstration roads should be complete sometime in 2023. Matt said, “As we work with the contractors that make the roads and help them apply our technologies, we think we can all be on the cutting edge of asphalt and smart infrastructure. That will put a lot of Utah companies on the world’s stage.” 3 ONE LAST THING ... Did you know that you can enjoy your association news anytime, anywhere? Scan the QR code or visit: Check it out! The new online article build-outs allow you to: • Stay up to date with the latest association news • Share your favorite articles to social channels • Email articles to friends or colleagues There is still a flipping book for those of you who prefer swiping and a downloadable PDF. 36

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