Pub. 9 2020-2021 Issue 2

PUB YR 9 2020-2021 | ISSUE 2 29 Covering Second Quarter 2021 Page 9 0.0% 2.0% 4.0% 6.0% 8.0% 10.0% 12.0% 14.0% 16.0% 18.0% 3 yrs. old or newer 4 to 6 yrs. old 35.2% 19.0% 6.3% 30.1% 38.5% New vehicles All used vehicles 3 year old or newer used vehicles 4 to 6 year old used vehicles 7 to 10 year old used vehicles SAN DIEGO COUNTY USED VEHICLE MARKET County Used Vehicle Market Increased 19% in First Half of ‘21 Percent Change in New and Used Vehicle Registrations YTD 2021 thru June vs. YTD 2020 Data Source: AutoCount data from Experian. USED VEHICLE BRAND MARKET SHARE Toyota Stays On Top of County Used Vehicle Market Brand Market Share for Top 15 Selling Brands, by Vehicle Age (YTD ‘21 thru June) Chevrolet market share was high- er for 4 to 6 year old vehicles. Data Source: AutoCount data from Experian. The graph below shows used light vehicle registrations by brand for two age categories: vehicles newer than three years old, and vehicles four to six years old. Brands are positioned from left to right based on market share for three year old or newer vehicles. Toyota was the best-selling brand for 3 year old or newer vehicles. Used vehicle registrations in San Diego County were up 19% during the first six months of this year versus a year earlier, below the 35.2% increase in the new vehicle market. Shrinking new vehicle inventories due to the semiconductor short- age will provide a boost to used vehicle sales, but there is a ceiling on how high sales can go. Prices are reaching record highs and used vehicle supplies are capped based on the number of vehicles in operation. Consumers do have an incentive to sell their vehicles due to high resale values, but correspondingly high replacement costs place a limit on the volume of trade-ins. 2 KEY TRENDS IN USED VEHICLE MARKET 01. 02. Continued on page 30