Pub. 10 2020 Issue 3

23 PUB. 10 2020 ISSUE 3 2020 IIQ CHAPTER V. The second quarter of 2020 was the most challenging quarter in FinTech lenders’ lifecycles so far. There had been no financial cri - sis since 2008, and all the models will show the performance only in a good economic market. Publicly traded companies did publish financial numbers of Q1 2020 around April/May 2020. There was numerous information reported to read, comprehend, and draw conclusions from. The amount of loans being on work-out and the amount of loans not paying were daunting for a partial quarter im- pacted by COVID-19. Technical analysts at many equity trading platforms as Yahoo! Finance and others did not fully understand what was happening and recommendations to hold or buy seemed out of place, even at the time. Fundamentals did change. OnDeck results of IIQ 2020 In the end, the final selling price of OnDeck was $90 million, $8 million of which was paid in cash, with the remainder paid in Enova stock. A very similar company to OnDeck named Kabbage (in terms of portfolio size) had been sold for around 800 million USD without the portfolio. w Name: Kamil KNAP Position: president and director Company: EPA USA Inc. Education: Stanford University, City University of Hong Kong, Masaryk University Name: Ryan SESTER Position: CEO Education: Arizona State University