Pub. 7 2023 Issue 2

Like many undergrad students, I gained clinical experience by scribing in emergency departments and then immediately before coming to Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, I got a master’s degree in biomedical science at Kansas City University. Being that Noorda is a newer school, it really interested me to be a part of something that’s still growing and accommodating to student feedback. As part of the second class to start at Noorda, I have had multiple opportunities for leadership and personal development, which will help me become a great physician. Coming into medical school, family medicine has always been my number one pathway. I think I am drawn to this specialty because I picture myself living in a small town, not unlike the one I grew up in, and serving as a prominent figure in the community. I would love to have my own clinic someday where I can see a wide variety of patients and advocate for them through different stages of life. My goal is to be the kind of physician that my patients would recommend to their family and friends because they have had such great experiences with me. Although I am still early in my medical career, I am eager to start the clinical portion of my schooling so I can further explore the specialty of family medicine and see everything it has to offer. Together for: © 2023 Constellation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We believe what’s good for care teams is good for business. Learn more at 21 |