Pub. 7 2023 Issue 2

shows the legal medical cannabis dosage forms and how they are administered. Legal Routes of Administration Legal Dosage Forms Oral • Tablet • Capsule • Gummy, chew or lozenge in a cube or rectangle shape • Liquid suspension Vaporization • Unprocessed cannabis flower • Wax • Resin • Vape cartridge Transdermal • Skin patch Sublingual • Extract • Tincture Topical • Salve • Lotion • Balm • Cream Medical Cannabis Documentation in the Utah Controlled Substance Database (CSD) The DHHS Center for Medical Cannabis is required to record all active medical cannabis cards in the Utah Controlled Substance Database (CSD). Any medical provider with access to the CSD can view this information. Use the following steps to review medical cannabis cards in the CSD: 1. Search the CSD for a patient. In the patient search, you will see a list of patient warnings that link to additional information about the patient. A patient with a green cannabis leaf symbol in the patient warnings has an active medical cannabis record in the CSD. 2. Click the green leaf icon to see the medical cannabis card search results. 3. Open the search results to see additional details about the medical cannabis card and the recommending medical provider. Resources on the DHHS Center for Medical Cannabis Website Scan the QR code to visit the DHHS Center for Medical Cannabis website. The DHHS Center for Medical Cannabis website has many resources that can help medical providers who recommend medical cannabis to their patients. Some of the resources available include the following: • Instructions for registering a QMP • A QMP directory • Instructions for submitting a Limited Medical Provider Recommendation for Medical Cannabis form • A medical cannabis pharmacy directory • Training recordings • Fact sheets and education materials • Cannabis Research Review Board meeting recordings, qualifying condition guidance documents and presentations about medical conditions and medical cannabis dosage forms • Quarterly newsletters with updates about the DHHS Center for Medical Cannabis Sarah Dash is the Medical Cannabis Outreach Specialist with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medical Cannabis. Your Customers Are Too. CONTACT US TODAY! 801.676.9722 Advertising Space Available. QR Code 33 |