Pub. 7 2023 Issue 2

Discover a transformational education that gives students agency and purpose and empowers them to make the world a better place for all. DEVELOPING PEOPLE THE WORLD NEEDS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL | PreK-12 | SALT LAKE CITY | ROWLANDHALL.ORG sucks at saving lives. Considering that residents, physician assistants and nurse practitioners perform most of the work in medicine now anyway, we believe that they would be an appropriate comparison group that will, in actuality, overperform most of the physicians.” Dr. Darl Flake, a Family Physician in rural Iowa, doesn’t like the idea of such a metric. “It just doesn’t make sense. Why would you do this? It has no bearing on how good of care we provide to our patients. It seems to just be another way to restrict payments for physicians. Especially in rural areas, there is no way we will meet such ridiculous and unrealistic outcomes. Can they even explain the metric to us?” The NCQA reportedly does not appreciate such criticism: “This is just one more example of myopic physicians who don’t see health care the way we do and want more money. This is what has irreparably damaged health care. “The algorithm that makes up LSD is too complicated for anyone to understand so I won’t even try to explain it. You’ll just have to trust us.” LSD goes into effect immediately and will impact payment under all major insurers and government payers. NCQA is also strongly encouraging all state medical boards to suspend the license of any physician who does not meet replacement-level standards. Managing your medical practice just got a lot easier. Our expert HR and Payroll Services can help you focus on what’s really important … your patients. 801-270-6851 35 |