Utah Engineers Journal 2021 Issue

15 Three T-38 supersonic jet trainers. Scotty and Joelyn on their wedding day. The front end of a C-135 specialized research airplane collected atmospheric data to improve the range and accuracy of lasers that knock down theater ballistic missiles. Gathered data was used to determine how far a laser could be shot and to what degree to pre- deform the laser to enable the atmosphere to focus it again. The work supporting this effort was done during the 1990s and early 2000s. Four T-37 subsonic jet trainers. During one of Scotty’s last assignments, he managed people and money for the AF Research Laboratory while stationed at the Pentagon. Cadets at the Air Force Academy’s chapel. (The chapel is Colorado’s No. 1 man-made tourist attraction.) Scotty included the photo because his real passion is teaching; he taught undergraduate aeronautical, mechanical and systems engineering there and served as the Department of Aeronautics Deputy Head.