Utah Engineers Journal 2021 Issue

56 What questions will you ask each person? How will you follow up, and when? I was able to network with several members of the board of directors and discussed how I could further the mission and the ITE goals when I returned to Utah. During the international board of directors networking event, our groups participated in a “Shark Tank” style process where we were able to discuss our group projects and get feedback. The group projects focused on emerging topics within the transportation industry and were all very diverse. Each year, the groups are assigned project mentors from both the Leadership ITE alumni support network and the current International board of directors. These mentors are asked to support the teams and provide insight to enhance the project development process. During the Shark Tank presentations, each team had four minutes to pitch their project ideas to the room full of “sharks.” At the end of each pitch, the “sharks” were given three minutes to comment publicly on the project ideas. After the event, the “sharks” are encouraged to discuss project ideas informally with Leadership ITE participants and to seek out groups that they may be interested in mentoring. While this process was somewhat stressful, our group’s feedback was insightful and very helpful when it came to developing our project. Engaging in leadership opportunities is an excellent way to stay abreast of current trends, topics and emerging ideas in any profession. There are different leadership classes and engagement opportunities at all different levels of a professional career. Some leadership opportunities are very labor-intensive and require a substantial time commitment, while other opportunities are available on a case-by-case basis as time permits. Mentorship is an excellent way to contribute to your profession and the time commitment is very flexible. Many professionals mention that when they were starting their careers, they wish they would have had a mentor who could have given them guidance about what to expect and recommendations on how to grow their career. The Utah Engineers Council has a robust scholarship program funded from donations of individuals and businesses seeking to move initiatives forward in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). There are always ways to engage and network within your profession. I would encourage all transportation professionals, not only engineers, to consider the Leadership ITE program. The networking opportunities provided to me through this program will be connections that I will utilize for the rest of my career. Participating in leadership programs can provide a wealth of knowledge and a better understanding of the nuances of any profession. The outcome I received from participating in the Leadership ITE program was well worth the time and effort invested. To learn more about the Leadership ITE program, visit www.ite.org and search for Leadership ITE under the website’s professional development section. To learn more about Blue Fjord Leaders and Shelley Row, visit bluefjordleaders.com. Lisa Miller Lisa Miller is the Traveler Information and Outreach/ Growth Manager at the Utah Department of Transportation. Lisa also acts as the Public Information Officer for the Traffic Management Division. Prior to her current position, Lisa was with TranSmart Technologies, Inc. and URS Corporation. Ms. Miller is a past president of ITS Wisconsin and is the current secretary for the Utah Chapter ITE. In coordination with WTS, Lisa founded and is the chair for the UDOT/WTS Women’s Mentorship Program. Lisa is also a three-time recipient of UDOT’s Silver Barrel Award. Ms. Miller holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from South Dakota State University. Work Styles Chart