Pub. 9 2021 Issue 2 10 WOMEN IN BANKING CONFERENCE T he 2021 UBA Women in Banking Conference, “Rise Up! Building Confidence to Embrace Change” was held on April 21st with more than 500 bankers joining the virtual event on Zoom. The conference kicked off with a positive message from Diane Passey, a counselor at Intermountain Healthcare, on “Building Life Resilience.” Diane provided valuable advice on growing an unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness plus tips for staying positive during current stressful times. An impressive group of powerful and inspirational bankers including Jennifer Christopulos, Zions Bank; Cari Fullerton, Bank of Utah; Kisty Morris, Morgan Stanley; and moderator Trina Eyring, Zions Bancorporation took part in a panel discussion on “Take Your Seat at the Table.” The panel’s message was that in order to be heard and assert inf luence, we as women bankers need to prepare for opportunities to make a difference — and be ready when those opportunities come along. Sui Lang Panoke, Zions Bank, led a session on the importance of DEI in the workplace and recommended some approaches banks can make to successfully attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce, ultimately leading to the success of their bank and to the industry. Following the DEI discussion, Lindsey Piegza, Ph.D., Chief Economist and Managing Director, Stifel Corp. provided an informative and timely economic outlook, focusing on the reaction to the Coronavirus Pandemic, including the monetary policy response from the Federal Reserve and the Biden Administration’s top agenda items. The conference closed with an address from former US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot Elizabeth McCormick, who shared stories of how she beat overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot and closed with inspirational tips on boosting confidence and elevating effectiveness. n