Pub. 12 2021 Issue 3 34 West Virginia Banker 2021 Calendar of Events Webinars — Live and Recorded Visit our website for specific dates and topics. Graduate School of Banking Online Senior Management Seminars Visit or our website as updates are added. ONE LAST THING ... Did you know that you can enjoy your association news anytime, anywhere? Check it out! Scan the QR code or visit: The new online article build-outs allow you to: • Stay up to date with the latest association news • Share your favorite articles to social channels • Email articles to friends or collegues There is still a flipping book for those of you who prefer swiping and a downloadable PDF. (All events scheduled are live and have a recorded backup online) September 16 Human Resource Management for Bankers (Sam Bowling) 21 Asset Liability Management (Sam Bowling) October 4 & 5 BSA/AML School Fundamentals (Stonewall) 6 & 7 BSA/AML School Advanced (Stonewall) November 2 Business Continuity & Vendor Management (Zoom) 7 - 9 CEO Conference (Renaissance Baltimore Harbour Place Hotel) 9 New Accounts (Sam Bowling) 15 & 16 Consumer Lending Conference (Beginner) (Four Points) 17 Consumer Lending Conference (Advanced) (Four Points) December 8 – 10 CFO Conference (The Greenbrier)