Pub. 12 2021 Issue 3

Pub. 12 2021 I Issue 3 Fall 7 West Virginia Banker am extremely proud of the partnership and how the local business community comes together to support the Club and our local youth. 5. What do you think will be some of the dominant trends within the banking industry in the next 5–10 years? The rate of change will continue to increase, and I believe digital channels will continue to evolve and be adopted by our customers. I believe we will continue to see consolidation in the industry, less branches with smaller footprints, accelerated use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, increased competition from financial technology companies, self-service channel expansion and an improved customer experience. But building and maintaining strong relationships within our communities will always be important within the banking industry, especially to us at United Bank. We remain committed to our customers and communities and to providing each relationship with an unmatched level of service as technology and banking products continue to evolve. 6. Why is being a WVBanker member important? The association provides numerous benefits to its members, including first and foremost its advocacy efforts. The legislative committee, as well as the Bank PAC, give bankers a voice that promotes a healthy and free marketplace to do business. The educational components and the WV School of Banking are also very important to our banks and both new and seasoned bankers throughout the Mountain State. 7. How long have you been active in the West Virginia Bankers Association? I first joined the board in July of 2013, but I became active with WVBankers many years earlier, attending and then graduating from the WV School of Banking in 1999. My grandfather was a past president of WVBankers, serving from 1956-1957. My father also served on the board of directors for WVBankers. As a child, I would occasionally visit the Greenbrier during the annual WVBankers Chad’s grandfather, William E. Mildren, Sr., West Virginia Bankers Association 1956-1957 Past Chairman, presenting at the WVBankers Annual Convention at the Greenbrier. me throughout my career. From working with and learning from my dad at Commercial Bank during the summers to the internship program and landing my first full-time role in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From becoming a Market President in my hometown and leading a team of bankers to become the top market at United to volunteering and giving back to my community, raising $300,000 in 2010 to build a much- needed skate park in the Parkersburg area and a record-breaking $273,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg during the 2021 Kids Golf Classic. Each of these experiences were very rewarding and have helped to make my banking career very memorable. 11. Something about you that might surprise fellow bankers: Last year, I purchased an outdoor pizza oven and have really enjoyed making authentic Neapolitan pizza for friends and family. It’s been a lot of fun making my own fresh dough, finding other fresh ingredients, and mastering new recipes. Plus, the pizzas taste amazing! 12. About you: Family, Interests and Hobbies? I’ve been married to my wife Nikki for 18 years, and we have two children, Annie, age 16, and Margaret, age 14. We spend a lot of weekends watching soccer as both of our girls play travel soccer and for Parkersburg High School. I am also an avid outdoorsman and enjoy bird and deer hunting, fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and spending time at my farm in Ohio. I also enjoy playing golf with friends and family. 13. What advice would you give someone considering entering the banking industry: Banking really is a terrific, important, and dynamic industry with a lot of opportunities. It’s a rewarding field to be part of, and as you enter banking, my advice is to learn and seek out information about the various areas and departments within banking. As you grow within your roles and organizations, you’ll see how quickly the industry can change and evolve, which can be exciting, so always be prepared to adapt with a willingness and desire to innovate and tackle new challenges.  Convention, so I’ve been around the organization for quite a long time. 8. What are you looking forward to most as the WVBankers Chairman? I look forward to working more closely with Sally Cline and the WVBankers staff this coming year. They do a wonderful job, and I have enjoyed my time on the board, learning about all the interworking of the organization and all the services they provide our members. It’s also been great getting to know all the other bankers on the board who come from all across West Virginia, learning about their banks, institutional knowledge and local communities. 9. Advice you would give emerging leaders in the banking industry. Embrace technology and dedicate yourself to a lifetime of learning and growing if you want to succeed in this dynamic industry. Don’t be afraid of change, but rather, welcome it. Seek advice from successful leaders in your community and find a mentor. Look for and participate in leadership opportunities at your organization, in the industry and within your local community. 10. Favorite memory or experience of your career: I have had many great experiences and memories that I continue to carry with