Pub. 11 2020 Issue 4

Executive Health exams go far beyond an annual physical. We combine the very latest in advanced technology and wellness planning to design a personalized program that an individual simply can’t find in a physician’s office or hospital setting. Our mission is to provide busy individuals with an efficient way to receive a confidential, comprehensive, whole body assessment with a focus on preventative medicine in a relaxing, resort atmosphere. The focus on prevention facilitates early detection of disease. Earlier detection leads to a significant improvement in the rate of cure. Staying ahead with preventive health care makes better sense than ever before. FOR MORE INFORMATION To book an appointment, call 1-800-362-7798, Ext. 372 or email us at 40823 Midland Trail, East, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986 | Climb. Achieve. Stay Ahead. DR. POLING DR. MARSHALL DR. HURST E H