Pub. 11 2021-2022 Issue 3-1

Table of Contents 1
A Word From DBA: My 47-year Career – A Metamorphosis of Banking 2
Washington Update: Direct Lending 8
Amending IRA Documents: Why, When and How 10
Year-of-Death RMDs and Unresponsive Beneficiaries: A Case Study in Bad Options 12
Should Institutions Build or Buy a CECL Solution? 16
What are Consumers’ Top Cybersecurity Concerns? 18
Bank Board of Directors Pay, Policies, and Practices 20
Who Weighed in on the Fed’s Proposed Changes to Durbin? What Did they Say? 22
“Help Wanted”: Why ATM Management Might Be Stealing Valuable Time From Staff 24
Why Your Bank Should Consider Selling Their Charged-Off Debt Files 25
Navigating Cyber Insurance in 2021 and Beyond 26
Uncovering Fee-Income and Yield Opportunities in a Challenging Market 28