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15 IADA E N D O R S E D S E R V I C E S DIGITAL COMPLIANCE ENFORCEMENT PLAN DEALER SAFEGUARD SOLUTIONS, INC. Stop Hoping ... Start Knowing 1. Eliminate Paperwork Liability from your Showroom 2. Eliminate Dead Deal Jackets 3. Reduce Deal Transaction Time 4. Increase Sales Process Efficiencies 5. Improve CSI 6. Appeal to Millennials 7. Reduce Contracts in Transit 8. Proven Ability to Maintain a Compliant Environment 9. Protect Your Dealership, Your Brand, and Your Customer Compliance is complicated, confusing, and it’s here to stay. Training doesn’t seem to stick where it matters most: the sales floor. Audits and reviews are historical snapshots. Is it too late to fix? We can help! Dealer Safeguard Solutions, Inc. Matt Hanaman, Regional Sales Manager Phone: 815-414-0886 ELECTRONIC VEHICLE REGISTRATION CVR Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR) is a General Partnership between CDK Global and the Reynolds and Reynolds Company. Formed in 1992, CVR is the leading provider of Electronic Vehicle Registration and Titling programs in partnership with Motor Vehicle Agencies across the U.S. CVR currently has valueadded programs operational in 23 states and over 16,000 clients. CVR pioneered dramatic improvements in the speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security of the Vehicle Registration and Title process while extending this capability to the point of purchase. CVR processes over 15 million vehicle transactions and over 4 million secure DMV inquiries annually. CVR is dedicated to partnering with Motor Vehicle Agencies and key Dealer Associations to deliver process improvement, financial and operational benefits that translate to alternative delivery services and high-value options offered to the driving public. The IADA/CVR Program can be found at ENERGY PROVIDER LOWER ELECTRIC LowerElectric® specializes in helping business clients in deregulated states across the country manage their energy costs. A bidding process that shops many highly rated energy providers ensures our clients get the best prices and best suppliers available. Since 2001, LowerElectric® has helped thousands of client accounts save money on their energy costs across deregulated states, including but not limited to Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. Most of our clients are long-term or repeat clients, and we have excellent references available upon request. We offer comprehensive services that save you time and money while managing your energy costs, including full-time/ in-house customer support, energy benchmarking, demand response, energy reduction/procurement, budgeting, and energy efficiency. Lower Electric is a founding member of ILEPA, now known as TEPA, a national trade organization that sets ethical standards for the energy industry. We take pride in our reputation for honesty and integrity. Our goal is to create and foster relationships with our clients to help them save money on their energy costs now and in the future. For more information, contact William Schloss Phone: 847-272-0700, ext. 29 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY COMPLYNET ComplyNet, the automotive industry leader in end-to-end compliance and risk mitigation solutions, combines intuitive software with auditing services to assist dealerships in achieving regulatory compliance goals, mitigating risks, and retaining talent. Enhance your culture of compliance in an environment that is both collaborative and creative with ComplyNet’s Guided Compliance Assistant (GCA) program. All GCA programming includes quarterly compliance meetings, access to the ABLE cloud-based compliance management system, online trainings, electronic policies, assessments, eTask task management, and dynamic visualizations for valuable insights. To learn more contact ComplyNet at: (800) 653-1869