Pub. 2 2022 Issue 2

additional alternative power sources.” He believes the problems of “range anxiety” need to be addressed before any alternative power becomes mainstream. Regarding life lessons, the industry and all he has learned and seen, James shared three ideals he learned that he could pass along to someone he may mentor. “My personal mantra,” he acknowledged, “is to work hard, study hard and have fun.” He tries hard to pass these thoughts on to his children, his friends and the people he works with in his business and the community. Looking back over the last year, James reflected on one accomplishment of which he was especially proud. In May 2021, he and his business partners Paul Wemmer and Jeff Presser purchased the Chevy, Buick and GMC dealership in Glasgow, MT. “When we bought it,” James said, “it had a zero new or used car inventory. Paul is the GM of that store, and he has made it into a thriving car dealership in a time when getting inventory has been really hard.” James asserts that the community is “super happy” to have the dealership in their area, and he is proud to keep those buying dollars in northeast Montana. Being honored with the Time Dealer of the Year nomination means a lot to James. “This award has been given to a lot of great Montana Auto Dealers before me,” he smiled, “and that means I need to keep living to the high standards set by guys like Joe Billion, Don K and Craig Tilleman.” Part of the nomination pertains to giving back to the community and any civic or charitable organizations to which he may contribute. James works with the Wolf Point Lions Club, the Wolf Point Chamber and has served as Council President at First Lutheran Church. He also has fulfilled various leadership roles with MTADA. “My parents live a life of service, and they taught me that,” James emphatically stated. “All I can do is try to pass that along to my kids.” James is an active member of MTADA and knows how important and beneficial membership can be. He explained his take on the two most beneficial attributes: “One, the association is a sounding board for the automotive profession and its peers. And two, it offers the industry a platform to protect and promote itself locally, statewide and nationally.” As a car dealer, James described his all-time favorite vehicle. “Early this spring,” he said, “I got my hands on a 2022 C8 Corvette. Boy, I’ll say, after owning and driving that car, it is my all-time favorite car to drive. I have always wanted a ‘63 split-window Vette because of the styling, but I’m sure the ‘63 just does not drive like the C8.” He paused, then said, “Most of the time, you’ll see me driving a K3500 Silverado with a Duramax (diesel engine).” James and his wife Michelle have two children – a daughter, Kaylee and a son, Aaron – and two Wirehaired Pointing Griffon dogs, Camo and Chevy. Family is everything to James. “The best days are when I sit down in the evening and reflect on the things that were accomplished, knowing we moved forward with the business and my family,” he said. Continued on page 12 11