Pub. 2 2022 Issue 2

“I seem to have aha moments every week,” he continued, “but the things that have defined me are being able to successfully run this business and still have time with and for my family. Work/life balance is often hard for people in the automotive business. I get evenings and weekends with my wife and kids, and that is important to me.” James married Michelle in the fall of 2004. She wanted to spend more time with the children, and after stepping away from a lucrative job at the Wolf Point Federal Credit Union that she’d managed for 10 years, she purchased a local shopping paper – Free Trader – in 2015. “Her paper is still one of the best places to sell a vehicle, even in today’s digital world,” James stated proudly. “When we purchased the dealership in Glasgow, she came to work with me as the comptroller, and it has been great to have her involved in the business.” About his children, James said, “Kaylee is a Junior at Wolf Point High School. She was recently inducted into the National Honor Society, where I had the pleasure of giving the keynote address. She is active in all three sports seasons, but tennis is her real passion. Aaron is a seventh grader in Wolf Point. He’s a busy kid who has a lawn business in the summer that helps pay for his love for hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles.” As a family, his favorite way to spend any free time is when he and Michelle can watch the kids in sports; he calls it “very fun.” His hobbies include hunting and fishing as a family, and they “really enjoy watching and hunting behind our two dogs in the fall. Our favorite times and cherished moments often happen at or on Fort Peck Lake.” In conclusion, he said, “As an Auto Dealer, I just want to sell products that are dependable and make people smile.” Continued from page 11 12