Pub. 17 2020 Issue 3

14 O V E R A C E N T U R Y : B U I L D I N G B E T T E R B A N K S — H E L P I N G N E W M E X I C O R E A L I Z E D R E A M S DIGGING DEEPER WITH YOUR BORROWERS By Jay Kenney | | Somewhat lost in the chaos of the current COVID-19 pandemic is that many lenders are also looking at renewals, extensions, and new loan re- quests from their borrowers. During this period of uncertainty, the challenge is to make sure that regardless of the loan type, bankers are diligent and direct with customers. To that end, consider doing a “deeper dive” by asking more de- tailed questions. Below are some of the questions and follow-up discussions that various lenders are having with their customers (so that the risk is appropriately identified and mitigated). Keep in mind that these are generic and may not be applicable for all loan types, and that this list is definitely not exhaustive. 1. Lay of the land. What is the stay-at-home status in the state and municipality in which the subject A s of August 8th, the SBA reported that over 5.2 million loans had been made through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). While bankers have worked hard to meet their customers’ needs with these loans, more hard work is still ahead.