Pub 12 2023 Issue 6

After his presentation on effective strategic planning tactics, Market Insight’s Jim Perry took questions from Addison Cokely (left) and Julie Graber (right) from INTRUST Bank in Wichita. (L-R) Jason Weiler, John Kilroy and Lance Caldwell with UMB Bank, Kansas City, MO. KBA President & CEO Doug Wareham engaged in a discussion regarding the banking industry and the economy in Kansas with Dr. Chris Kuehl, a renowned expert from Armada Corporate Intelligence. Kelly Gillespie and Adam Boyle with Networks Plus in Manhattan invited attendees to their booth for a game of Blackjack. Both cybersecurity and playing blackjack involve strategic decision-making, risk management and an understanding of probability. but by the end of the year, the Federal Reserve had raised interest rates by 500 basis points in nine months to combat near 40-year high inflation. While these measures benefited financial institutions by expanding margins, concerns emerged about balance sheets and overall performance due to dwindling liquidity and increased pressure on deposits. The session addressed these concerns and offered strategies to help institutions better navigate the uncertainties ahead. Day two of the conference began with popular economist Dr. Ed Seifried in his session, “Can the Fed Win the War Against Inflation Without Causing a Recession.” Although Dr. Seifried believes that the current period of inflation is almost over, continually monitoring GDP reports will be critical for bankers to ensure that their institution remains able to support growth through loan quality and liquidity. Additionally, utilizing various techniques to monitor the economy will allow bankers to explore appropriate solutions for their bank and remain in the know on current topics that impact their communities, according to Dr. Seifried. Dr. Sean Payant with Haberfeld was the opening keynote speaker. He highlighted the current impact of rising interest rates on the financial sector, emphasizing the renewed significance of low-cost funding. His address provided a comprehensive exploration of economic challenges and opportunities, offering valuable insights for navigating the evolving financial landscape. 13