Pub 12 2023 Issue 6

Jim Perry, Senior Strategist at Market Insights, presented a talk on “Supercharging your 2023 Strategic Plan for Future Growth.” Harvard Business Review tells us some 60-90% of strategic plans never fully launch. Perry explained for a successful strategic plan, setting the stage is vital. Choose a diverse strategy team, communicate your methodology clearly and encourage open debate. Embrace varied perspectives, granting permission for candid discussions while anchoring decisions in relevant data. This approach ensures a robust and effective strategy, combining diverse expertise with data-driven insights. The conference concluded with “Priority Mastery: Strategic Execution on What Matters” by Eric Papp. Boost focus on top priorities, avoid the urge to do everything, accelerate project progress, have the courage to reject irrelevant tasks and make room for strategic thinking. In a world of increasing complexity, Papp emphasized that individuals need to prioritize effectively, enabling them to achieve greater impact and regain a sense of control. Resist the misconception that you can do it all, and embrace the idea that success involves making tradeoffs. As life becomes more demanding, creating mental space for critical thinking becomes essential — time to identify unnecessary tasks, rescue stalled projects and build the courage to decline non-essential commitments. Mark your calendars for next year’s conference on November 6-7 in Manhattan! Thank you to our special guest Rep. Dan Hawkins, Speaker — Kansas House of Representatives, for making a special appearance. We appreciate you providing an update on next session initiatives! 14