Pub. 7 2023 Issue 2

Annual Member Meeting Highlights Current Board President Dr. Michael Chen thanked our Immediate Past President, Dr. Saphu Pradhan, for her passion for family medicine and her leadership over the past year. AAFP President Dr. Stephen Furr swore in Dr. Michael Chen as President of the UAFP Board. UAFP’s Annual Member Meeting was held this year at the Davis Conference Center in Layton. To help make it accessible to our statewide membership, we have begun rotating the location each year to different areas of the state. We hope this change makes it possible for more members to attend. Each year, our annual meeting gives us the opportunity to showcase what we’ve done throughout the year, swear in our new president, confer new AAFP fellows, receive updates from AAFP leadership and give out our annual awards. It is an enjoyable and informative evening and a great way to spend time with fellow UAFP members. The 2023 Utah Family Medicine Physician of the Year is Dr. Shannon Baker. One of her nominations reads, “Dr. Baker’s dedication to family medicine shines through her role as a visionary leader in population health, exemplifying her deep commitment to comprehensive and holistic care for her patient community.” There is no question that Dr. Baker is wellrespected for her leadership as a family physician and is beloved by her patients and those who work with her on a daily basis. The 2023 Utah Family Medicine Champion of the Year is Dr. Darlene Petersen. UAFP Maryann Martindale says of Dr. Peterson, “She helps me wade through some of the confusing legislation — she is my go-to for insight and experienced UAFP President-Elect Dr. Tiffany Ho presented Dr. Darlene Petersen with the UAFP Family Medicine Champion of the Year Award. | 10