Pub. 12 2021 Issue 2

A Message From The Chief Executive: Moving Forward 5
Community Corner 6
Banks: The Path to Service Quality and Managing Costs for the Future 8
Three Ways the Legislature Has Redefined Consumer Litigation in West Virginia 10
3 Tips for Bank Leaders in Today’s Environment 14
The Loyalty Factor: Translating Relationships into Non-Interest Income 18
Advertiser Index 20
CRBs and HRBs and MRBs, Oh My: Navigating the Intricacies of Cannabis Banking 22
Five Pillars Supporting Community Bank Independence 26
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Interagency Proposed Flood Q & As 28
Is Opportunity Cost Hurting Our Bottom Line? 30
WVCCPA Finds Its Equilibrium 32
2021 Calendar of Events 34