Helping associations connect with their members.

use your words. tell your story.

Helping associations connect with their members.

use your words. tell your story.

We provide a valuable resource in communicating with your members.

We are a marketing and communications agency that focuses specifically on content marketing. We have a proven history of delivering publishing services to nonprofit organizations, professional trade associations, and professional service firms that seek to connect with their clients or members, while minimizing the time, effort and money that often go into handling all aspects of an organization’s communication strategy.

As an association, we have a responsibility to help our members break the isolation and to reinforce the feeling of connectedness that members deserve and have come to expect. We are hosting peer exchanges, maintaining an updated library of federal and state resources, and trying to help members to think about and prepare for outcomes that are possible during these highly dynamic times. Our association magazine is an important tool and central to our member communication efforts.

Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers

Kevin Shivers, President Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers

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Why tell your story?

Our minds naturally construct and remember stories, so no other strategy is as powerful — or as relevant — as telling your story often, consistently, and in as many ways as you can to the right people.

Statistics have shown that consistent, high-quality communication is the key to retaining current members, recruiting new members and renewing members who have either temporarily fallen off membership rosters or who require a visual reminder of the benefits of membership.

The benefit of providing members with resources they value is critical since that positions the association to more easily attract new members and retain the existing ones. It is (or should be) a virtuous cycle. The association is seen as an organization that has the insights necessary to help its members become more successful. It becomes a thought leader.

What's up with the goldfish?

We have no idea what goldfish focus on. But your members should focus on you. Engaged members stay members.

According to a study done in 2000, humans had an attention span of twelve seconds—only 33% longer than a goldfish at nine seconds. That was 20 years ago. Recently, Microsoft announced that the average person’s attention span is now less than a goldfish at a mere 8 seconds.

Of course, the internet lit up in response, and many notable and indignant people questioned the basis of the study, the interpretation of the research, and so on. After all, who wants to think that a goldfish can focus longer on something that we can? And as a segue, what does a goldfish focus on anyway?

How we can help.

In our experience, successful associations don’t just find new members – they attract them, based on their relationships with the members they already serve. We use words to connect our clients emotionally with their clients and members. Hundreds of our clients have told their story, retained their own member base and grown from internal communication strategies in the form of newsletters, magazines, books, directories, annual reports, blogs, electronic media and other marketing strategies.

The consistent and quality communication we provide keeps members loyal to your organization. You can then direct your efforts to other areas that will improve the quality of your members’ overall experience.

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