We help you get
your word out

We provide your association with the services you need most in order to reach your members. Content Marketing is our specialty! Print and digital publications, along with email marketing can help you get your word out, keeping your members updated and in the know.

The benefit of providing members with resources they value is critical since that positions the association to more easily attract new members and retain the existing ones. It is (or should be) a virtuous cycle. The association is seen as an organization that has the insights necessary to help its members become more successful. It becomes a thought leader.

Content Marketing

A well-crafted story screams real and authentic. We suspect that no one would argue that content marketing is the holy grail of engagement. Finding the story and telling it is what we have been doing for our clients since day 1 of being in business, but these days, it’s getting a lot more buzz. And we’re pretty excited about that.

Over the past several years, content marketing has had a meteoric rise to the forefront in marketing. Everyone has jumped on the band wagon, Google rewards it, consumers crave it, and marketers are trying to find story lines right and left. For a story junkies like us, it’s a marvelous thing. Like Nora Ephron said, “everything is copy.”

Print Publications

In an increasingly digital world, print remains a sustainable, tactile and trustworthy tool -essential to any good marketing campaign, or good story for that matter. A well-written story by nature is real, authentic and engaging. And when it’s in print, it adds a tangibility to the experience that engages and grows membership, like nothing else. Why? Because it adds something tangible to something that is largely invisible.

Trade associations, nonprofit organizations and professional service firms are in the business of selling services, the invisible, in a product-driven society. So how do you sell, develop and grow the invisible? Selling the invisible is something we’ve been helping our clients do for years.

Digital Publications

There’s lots of reasons for advocating digital publishing, and proponents know them well.  And while these reasons can be compelling if argued enthusiastically enough, we prefer to focus on the reason that for us makes the most sense: with digital, we can do things for our clients that we simply can’t with print.

There, we’ve said it. One application isn’t better than the other, they are just different. Digital magazines are not competing with print – they have their own, very solid place in the mix of marketing and communication campaigns.

Email Marketing

When it’s time-sensitive, when it’s important and when you need to reach as many people as you can, there’s no question, a well-written email is just the thing. 

And as a follow-up, everyone is pretty much trained –whether we admit it or not –to do something with all those emails, whether it’s read and reply, forward, click-through, sign-up or therapeutically delete. And that’s where we come in. Moving your email from the delete category to the “something else,” category is largely dependent on good messaging and equally good content.