Pub. 12 2022 Directory

that the retail automotive industry is one of Illinois’ most important economic engines. If unbalanced, irresponsible stories appear in the media, IADA responds swiftly and aggressively, presenting the dealer viewpoint. Management Guides Members of IADA staff are available to provide assistance and research into any aspect of your dealership business. IADA regularly issues bulletins on dealership operation, regulation changes from state and national agencies, and other dealership improvement techniques. IADA counsel regularly issues updates on issues that affect all members. Information Association members receive brief and concise IADA Bulletins and other correspondence to keep them abreast of important industry matters and provide the necessary information concerning current laws and regulations affecting the automobile industry. Conventions and Educational Programs IADA’s Annual Convention, Spring Legislative Conference and free monthly seminars/webinars are valuable opportunities for members to renew acquaintances, make contacts, and most importantly, exchange ideas. Maintaining important business relationships and providing mutual support is an essential part of membership. IADA Publications IADA communicates regularly with its members and offers specialized information through a series of publications produced for Illinois dealers. These publications include: • IADA Annual Directory • Illinois Dealer News Magazine, published quarterly • IADA News Bulletin • Illinois Advertising Regulations • IADA Employment Resources Program Dealer Services Using the immense group buying power of Illinois automobile dealers, IADA provides very competitive inhouse programs and has negotiated discounted rates for services offered by distinguished companies officially recommended by IADA. Value of Membership IADA provides unprecedented value for member dealers. Dues are among the lowest of any professional trade association in the country. This low dues schedule is possible because IADA leadership and staff have worked to create a business model that does not rely solely on membership dues to fund the association. To earn nondues income, IADA recommends companies that provide products and services to member dealers at competitive or discount pricing. This business model keeps membership dues low and returns dividends to members in the form of lower prices on products and services they use every day. 7