Pub. 12 2022 Directory

8 2022 CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE SEAN GRANT IADA Chairman On behalf of the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association, it is my pleasure to provide you with the 2022 IADA Membership Directory. We hope you find it a convenient and useful aide. This year IADA celebrates 102 years of promoting the business interests of the automobile and truck dealers in Illinois, and it is my distinct privilege to serve as Chairman and representative for you and the Association this year. During my term as Chairman, I hope I will help promote the many strengths of our association. During these challenging economic times, IADA is without question our most valuable resource in protecting the interests of our dealerships before the Illinois Legislature and the various Illinois regulatory agencies. In addition, our association staff has developed member programs second to none and will help strengthen our dealerships’ bottom lines. With the help of our strong state association, I am confident that we will endure these difficult times and remain a vibrant and driving force in America. For those of you who have served as the backbone of our Association in terms of continued support over the years, my thanks go out to each of you. Your efforts are noticed, appreciated and could not be for a more important cause. I welcome those of you who have just begun to understand the importance and benefit IADA has on our day-to-day and future dealer existence, and I applaud your decision. As we move forward, I am sure that many of us will be called on to serve our Association. I invite and encourage you to participate in the activities of IADA. This is your association, and its continued success depends on the leadership and guidance of the membership. Sincerely, Sean Grant Landmark Automotive Group IADA Chairman