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Association Focus 2024 Issue 1

This is really turning out to be a great publication filled with rich content, including the spotlights on Dealerships and their employees. I really like how this one is shaping up. Thanks again to everyone for all the changes. This looks amazing!

Our members are so impressed with the look and feel of the magazine. We have had two charter schools reach out and ask to be featured in the magazine — they want to be a part of the excitement!

The last issue of our magazine was gorgeous! Thank you for getting it out so quickly.

I am so happy with how clean and beautiful the magazine looks. I am excited to read through every page!

I’m looking to improve NICB’s communications overall, and I definitely see the magazine as a piece of that. When I made bank visits this year, bankers told me they really enjoyed our magazine, which solidified for me that the magazine should be more of a focus of mine.