AssociationFOCUS Volume 8 Issue 1


The first issue of 2020 of our client (and prospective client) magazine, associationFOCUS, has made it’s debut.

The ink has dried and it’s in the mail. And, for those of our clients that prefer to receive it digitally, it’s been sent.

After weeks of “staying safe and staying home,” we’re reemerging here in Utah, and while we would all like a little refresh, at least our magazine got a complete face lift.

We’re very excited with the new look. We hope that you like it as much as we do. We want to thank our guest authors, Daniel Burrus, author, speaker and all-around great guy, for his article, and also the Pennsylvania-based advertising agency, Keenan-Nagle for their contribution. Michael C. Keenan, president of Keenan-Nagle also offered great insight.

As a company that promotes print, our magazine is a great way for us to reach out to our clients and prospective clients. These times are stressful for many reasons, and as association leaders, our clients are tasked with communicating clearly, mindfully and optimistically, because as Winston Churchill said, “this too shall pass.” And when it does, we all want to be ready to help our economies rebuild. But for now, we hope our magazine provides you with 47 minutes (if we’ve done our job and held you focus) of insights, a little humor and a good does of optimism to pass on to whomever you may meet, in person or on your next Zoom meeting!


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AssociationFOCUS Volume 8 Issue 1

The first issue of 2020 of our client (and prospective client) magazine, associationFOCUS, has made it’s debut. The ink has dried and it’s in the

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