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What’s Up With The Goldfish?

According to a study done in 2000, humans had an attention span of 12 seconds—only 33% longer than a goldfish at 9 seconds. That was 20 years ago. Recently, Microsoft announced that the average person’s attention span is now less than a goldfish at a mere 8 seconds.


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The Future of Print

The future of print has been a topic of passionate discussion for over twenty years. Everyone has an opinion, and some like the ones on the following page, are colorful and intriguing – just like print itself.

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Women Owned Businesses and COVID 19

Resources for Women-Owned Businesses to Overcome Covid-19 Economic Challenges and Engage Globally webinar, part of the WTC Utah Webinar Series which features local, national and international business experts – from their living room to yours.

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Print plus Digital equals Relevance

There’s lots of reasons for advocating digital publishing from cost to the environment. And while these reasons can be compelling if argued enthusiastically enough, we prefer to focus on the reason that for us makes the most sense: with digital, we can do things for our clients that we simply can’t with print.

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Distraction Free Reading

People have long predicted that paper media would become obsolete. They were right about some things. For example, phone directories and the classifieds have been replaced by online versions that are much better than the paper versions.

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Are emails obsolete?

Think back a few decades. People loved having emails to read. The “you’ve got mail!” announcement was welcome and exciting. The feeling of being connected, and of having the gratification of quick, almost instantaneous delivery of news and business updates changed the way we did business.

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Content is King

If you want to give association members something they are going to value, make content an important part of your strategy.

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